Friday 30 October 2020


Demented Labour peer Lord Adonis has been out of the spotlight since Brexit Day, but re-emerged on Friday to discuss Jeremy Corbyn's suspension with TalkRadio's Julia Hartley-Brewer.  The Blairite enthusiastically endorsed the move by Sir Keir Starmer and defended the current leader against criticism that he had somehow condoned the anti-Jew culture by serving in Corbyn's shadow cabinet for so long.

Hartley-Brewer was having none of it and pushed Adonis on his preference for Prime Minister in 2019.  Ultimately the arch Remainer admitted that he would rather have had the communist in Downing Street over Boris Johnson, who he accused of being in 'truck with the far right'.  The 'far right' in Adonis's deluded mind is Nigel Farage, but at least he has that view in common with Corbyn and the far left.  Having said that, the balloon heads on the left would probably describe Adonis is 'far right' too.

Click below for the full excruciating exchange between Adonis and Hartley-Brewer...

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