Saturday 24 October 2020


At 18:00 on Friday the so-called 'firebreak' began in Wales - a full stay at home lockdown courtesy of the Labour government in Cardiff.  Ahead of the lockdown Mark Drakeford sought to reassure the Welsh that his unilateral action would end as planned on Monday November 9, almost as if he sensed they didn't trust him.  It's not without good reason that people distrust the Welsh government.  Earlier this week one of Drakeford's colleagues would not rule out another lockdown if infection rates rose sharply over Christmas.

Ken States said on Tuesday: "Of course we could not rule out the possibility of introducing another fire-break if over the Christmas period transmission rates increase dramatically".  Presumably this was intended to warn people against daring to celebrate a traditional family Christmas.  Ironically States is the 'economy minister' and yet here he was threatening lockdown after lockdown that would decimate an already decimated economy.

Scientific advisors to the Welsh government agree that multiple lockdowns would be required over time and a report published on Monday admits that the current so-called fire-break would only set back the virus a mere 28 days - and only if it is adhered to as strictly as the UK-wide lockdown in March.  This counters Drakeford's suggestion last week that this fire-break would slow down the virus 'until Christmas'.

Senedd members voted on the fire-break on Tuesday, despite the fact Drakeford had already confirmed it was going ahead regardless.  The vote went 37-16 in favour of the lockdown, with Labour and Plaid backing it and the Tories opposing.