Tuesday 13 October 2020


During yesterday's Commons debate there were a couple of embarrassing gaffes from Labour MPs.  Dawn Butler popped up with her question to the Prime Minister, but fell flat on her face before she'd even got to ask it, addressing the Speaker as 'Mr Deputy Speaker'.  Someone hastily corrected her, which she laughed off with a flippant apology.  Sir Lindsay Hoyle's reaction could not be seen, but one can imagine he was not amused.  Butler posted the video to her social media accounts, but edited out the gaffe.  The full embarrassing version can be seen here.

Even more humiliating was the contribution of Chesterfield MP Toby Perkins.  The Labour frontbencher wanted to ask about the issue of pub closures, but was met with laughter from both sides of the house as he inadvertently referred to his own infidelity: "The Prime Minister will be as aware as anyone, people don't generally go to the pub to meet their own wife".  While it may have been intended as a dig at the PM's track record in love, Perkins himself reportedly tried to gag his mistress last year.  

The MP was knocked off guard by the giggles and he struggled to maintain his composure as he stuttered and stammered his way to the conclusion of his question.  Watch below.