Wednesday 28 October 2020


It's fair to say the week didn't get off to a great start for Sir Squeaky.  His coronavirus strategy is being undermined by both the faltering spread of the virus and a Welsh lockdown that has sparked a huge backlash.  On top of that he drove his Toyota Rav4 SUV into a cyclist on Sunday, news of which strangely took 48 hours to materialise.

There appears to be some confusion about what happened at the scene, with Starmer having initially claimed to have spoken to a police officer.  This was denied by police who said that the Labour leader had actually spoken to an off-duty PCSO, so definitely not a police officer.  In any case of more acute embarrassment to Starmer was his mode of transport and his destination.  Making such a short journey in a fuel-guzzling SUV to a 'celebrity tailor' less than a mile from his home will do nothing for his environmental credentials.  It also further highlights the disconnect between London-centric Labour and its former working class base.

According to the Telegraph when Starmer collided with the cyclist he was at least half an hour late for an appointment with his tailor.  The tailor reportedly counts among his clients Jude Law, Billie Piper and Gillian Anderson.  Man of the people is Sir Keir.

A picture of Starmer outside his local police station appeared on The Sun's website on Tuesday, but again begs the question why the incident took two days to report if the paparazzi were outside the station when he was being questioned.  And what's the book he's carrying?  Legal advice?  Surely not.

Sir Squeaky pictured outside Kentish Town police station

It will be interesting to see if Boris Johnson can somehow work a cycling jibe into the next session of PMQs.