Monday 19 October 2020


As we reported on Friday, Wales is to go into full lockdown from this Friday for 16 days - the second UK nation to do so after Northern Ireland.  The First Minister confirmed the decision this afternoon.  Mark Drakeford claims that the two week 'fire-break' will push back the virus to an acceptable level until at least Christmas.

The first half of the lockdown takes place over half-term, after which schoolchildren up to year 8 will return to school.  The hospitality industry and non-essential shops will all close for the duration of the lockdown, as will council facilities such as libraries and recycling centres.  Bonfire night events and Halloween exploits such as trick or treating will not be permitted, but Remembrance Sunday events will be allowed.

People will be required to stay at home, except for key workers and the following exceptions.
  • the need to obtain supplies and services for you or your household, for example food, medicine, and essential household maintenance
  • to exercise, alone or with members of your household
  • to access childcare and education
  • to access medical services or other public services
  • to deposit and withdraw money from a bank or similar establishment
  • to provide care for or to help a vulnerable person; this includes getting food or medicines for them
  • to help the NHS by donating blood
  • for work purposes, or voluntary or charitable purposes, but only where it is not reasonably practicable to do this from home
  • to visit a cemetery, burial ground or garden of remembrance to pay your respects
  • to attend a wedding, civil partnership or funeral if you are invited
  • to attend court or meet other legal obligations
  • to escape a risk of illness or injury, such as for victims or people at risk of domestic abuse
  • to access services provided to victims of crime or domestic abuse or those at imminent risk of becoming victims
The Wales lockdown will take place between Friday 23rd October and Monday 9 November.

Finally we will see Keir Starmer's 'circuit breaker' in action and whether or not it will make the slightest bit of difference.