Thursday 22 October 2020


Just over a year ago Labour MPs were up in arms about the Prime Minister's language in the Commons.  His description of the Brexit-blocking Benn Act as the 'surrender act' was met with howls of anguish from the opposition benches and famously led to two backbenchers (Paula Sheriff and Barry Sheerman) making furious speeches, faces contorted with rage as they told how angry (Leave voting) constituents were quoting the PM's language.

A year on and it's Tory MPs who are bemoaning the use of contentious Commons language.  Following Angela Rayner's 'scum' outburst on Wednesday, one MP complained that his mother had been abused using the same description.  Shaun Bailey (West Bromwich West) was the mirror image of Sheerman and Sherriff, except without the screaming.  It was all rather pathetic and although Jacob Rees-Mogg did his best to defuse the situation, his assertion that there is no greater service to one's country than being elected to Parliament will have gone down like a lead balloon with Armed Forces veterans...