Sunday 18 October 2020


Prominent Covid rule breakers are front page news in today's Sunday Telegraph and Mail on Sunday.  The Mail leads with claims that MPs - including Matt Hancock - drank past the 10pm curfew in a Commons bar.  The Telegraph's lead story concerns Tony Blair and a breach of quarantine.

Blair was a guest at the White House last month for the peace treaty announcement between Israel, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates.  It has now emerged that just ten days after he returned to the UK he was out on the town in London.  Several photographs show him leaving a private member's club in upmarket Mayfair.

Blair pictured at the White House on Sept 14 and ten days later
emerging from a London club

Travellers entering Britain from the US are supposed to quarantine for 14 days.  Blair's spokesman claimed that he had been tested multiple times before, during and after the visit.  The spokesman also claimed that Blair was given a diplomatic exemption despite the fact he's been a private citizen since he stepped down from his role as a Middle East envoy in 2015.

A more clear cut breach of Covid rules involved serial rule-breaker Jeremy Corbyn.  The Great Leader has been ignoring rules and guidance all year (as has his crazy brother) and was reportedly at a crowded carnival last weekend with up to 100 people in attendance.  The event was staged last Sunday in honour of dead Marxist David Graeber.  The American had been a co-founder of the anti-capitalist Occupy Wall Street movement.  Graeber's widow was photographed with Corbyn at the so-called 'Intergalactic Memorial Carnival', following on from her part in Corbyn's previous Covid breach when he was pictured at a dinner party with eight others.  She was seated next to Jezza.

Corbyn pictured at the carnival alongside Nika Dubrovsky, the widow
of hard left activist David Graeber

According to the Daily Mail, Graeber's widow had urged his supporters to flood the streets - in defiance of rules on social gatherings.  As per usual Corbyn has had nothing to say in response to the reports.

Who would have thought that mortal enemies Blair and Corbyn would share so much in common.  No social distancing, no face masks, no respect for the rules and, once again - no repercussions.