Tuesday 20 October 2020


One of Twitter's most loudmouth liberals has been found guilty of the most rampant hypocrisy after being photographed shopping in a Marks & Spencer without a face covering.  One might forgive Gary Lineker for a lapse of judgment, but this is the man who has been preaching about the merits of face masks before and after they were made compulsory...

The fellow shopper who took the damning photograph of Lineker (see below) told the Daily Star: "It's just hypocrisy on another level.  He had even tweeted a photo of him wearing a mask recently in front of that same M&S store and told people to wear masks in supermarkets.  If it was anyone else I wouldn't mind so much.  But it's frustrating for someone who tries to take the moral high ground as much as he does".

Lineker owned up to his indiscretion, but appeared to contradict the witness and claimed that he put his mask on 'after a couple of minutes'.  He issued the following insipid apology.