Friday 9 October 2020


Dave Lammy was dismantled earlier this week during a Commons debate.  Tory minister Alex Chalk responded to Lammy's criticism of the Private International Law (Implementation of Agreements) Bill by raising the spectre of Lammy's own record as a minister in the Blair and Brown governments.  The bill is designed to replace EU legislation for cross-border disputes after Brexit is completed, so naturally Remainer Lammy wasn't happy about it and labelled the bill 'monstrous and egregious'.

Chalk reminded Lammy that he was a minister when Labour made use of similar legislation, to which Lammy appears to nod in agreement.  As Chalk continues to eviscerate Lammy's hypocrisy, the Labour frontbencher shuffles awkwardly in his seat and laughs.  Click below for the clip.

Alex Chalk clearly does his homework - as a qualified barrister would - on this evidence it's rather surprising that he is only a junior minister.  As for the bill, it sailed through to its next stage despite Labour opposition.  Lammy and 156 of his colleagues voted against it, as did their fellow Remainers in the Lib Dems and Plaid Cymru.  Starmer did not register a vote on this occasion.

The days of Labour and their Remain allies holding Brexit to ransom are thankfully over.