Thursday 8 October 2020


Labour's Dave Lammy has hit out at Twitter after the Metropolitan Police cited a lack of co-operation for closing their investigation into a racist tweet sent to the MP.  Lammy tweeted the Met on August 2 about the message and the following morning claimed that their finest were on the case.  The account from which the message originated was later suspended by Twitter, albeit several days later.  Two months on and the police investigation is now closed reports Lammy.  Confirming the news on his Twitter account, Lammy directly addressed Jack Dorsey, the CEO of the social media giant...

Lammy quite rightly added that such messages should not be allowed to go unpunished and pointed out the disparency between Twitter's embrace of (so-called) Black Lives Matter and it's failure to address actual anti-black racism.

Both Dorsey and his organisation continue to promote BLM to the point that until recently the official Twitter profile was dedicated entirely to the organisation.  Perhaps, as Lammy says, it is more about appealing to an increasingly woke audience and making money rather than a genuine endorsement, but he is labouring under the misconception that the slogan and the organisation are separate identities.  BLM the organisation is not at all concerned with preserving black lives and ending anti-black racism, but manipulates ordinary black people to use as footsoldiers to assist in their Marxist revolution - under which all people will suffer, regardless of ethnic background.

As for Lammy, he followed up his two tweets by sharing a video in which he claims that black people are disproportionately affected by 'climate change'.  The climate movement, he says, is 'primarily about caring for the people who live on the planet'.  However, he then dedicates the rest of his monologue to black people only and ends with the sinister message - "Now is the time for black and climate movements to come together".  While Lammy is not himself on the hard left of politics, his message appears to be directed towards organisations that include those who openly embrace Marxism ie. BLM and Extinction Rebellion (see video below).

Lammy is often singled out for abuse not merely for the colour of his skin, but the racially divisive messages that pour out of his mouth at every opportunity.  There's no defending the abhorrent language sent his way, but there is no smoke without fire.  Racism will never be consigned to history by the likes of Dave Lammy.  If anything, it will only get worse.