Sunday 4 October 2020


A slimmed-down Diane Abbott launched Hackney's Black History Month on Thursday.  Clearly the backbenches suit her.  She looked worlds away from the haggard bumbling fiasco that provided us with endless entertainment from her stint on the front benches.  She even sported an opposing pair of shoes rather than the two left-sided shoes she famously wore on election day back in December.

If things had worked out very differently that day she would currently be overseeing the beginning of the largest wave of immigration this country has ever seen.  Under Labour migrants would not have to risk their lives to cross the English Channel in inflatables.  And there would be no question of them being herded into makeshift quarters like the Penally military camp in south Wales.  Diane's priorities are well known.  Thankfully she is safely installed on the backbenches alongside her former leader, their repulsive ideology firmly rejected.