Friday 28 June 2019


It's taken 48 hours for Labour to back down and return Chris Williamson to the wilderness.  A statement was released exonerating Jeremy Corbyn from any role in the decision, making it known that the ruling National Executive Committee was behind it.  Keith Vaz, who sat on the disciplinary panel two days ago, reportedly changed his mind about the decision to readmit Williamson.

Following the huge outcry from Labour MPs it appears that the party has used Vaz's u-turn as a means to reinstate the suspension.  What a pantomime!

Spare a thought for the loon at the centre of this controversy.  He's only tweeted twice in the last two days - firstly in the early hours (celebrating, perhaps?) following his readmission and again after his re-suspension.  Bless.




If Jeremy Corbyn thought Chris Williamson's return to the party was going to escape unnoticed, he was sorely mistaken.  What began as angry tweets on Wednesday escalated to media interviews and a 90-strong letter of protest yesterday.  Rather unsurprisingly the first name on the letter is one Tom Watson, followed by 89 Labour MPs and peers.

Click to enlarge

Labour MPs were queuing up for media interviews to condemn Williamson's re-admittance in the strongest terms possible.  Louise Ellman told Channel 4 that "A party that does not deal with hatred and prejudices towards Jewish people is not fit to govern".  Neil Coyle lashed out at one of the members of the disciplinary panel that overturned Williamson's submission, namely Keith Vaz.  Speaking to Sky, Coyle referred to Vaz as 'Jim', referencing the rent-boy scandal in which Vaz called himself 'Jim - the washing machine salesman'.  Meanwhile, Vaz cried foul and said he was set up, having to attend the disciplinary hearing whilst in the middle of 'medical treatment'.  Of course, Jim.

Williamson himself has so far maintained a silence on the furore, except to thank the "avalanche of goodwill messages from grassroots members".  He'll need warm thoughts of the proletariat when he is next greeted by the cold shoulder by the Parliamentary Labour Party.

Thursday 27 June 2019


It's fair to say that the Great Leader is under the cosh at the moment.  The shitstorm over Chris Williamson's return is currently stealing the limelight, but the Brexit row continues adjacent to it and there were also a couple of gems lurking in the background today.  Ipsos MORI released a string of devastating polls, each delivering a blow to Corbyn and his lefty tub-thumpers.  Despite Tory woes, the Great Leader is shown to be more unpopular than Theresa May, a worse candidate for PM than both Hunt and Johnson, and ultimately the most unpopular leader of the opposition for the last 40 years (yes, he's faring worse than even Michael Foot, see below).  The Tories were also shown to have regained the lead in Parliamentary voting intention.

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As if to kick him while he's down, former Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale popped up to claim that Corbyn cares more about winning power than he does about the Union.  No shit.  We've been saying for months that Labour can't win a general election outright, but they'd be happy to share power with similar minded parties, namely the SNP.  However, the SNP would predictably demand a second Scottish independence referendum as part of any coalition deal.  What Kezia is saying is that Corbyn would risk the Union and entertain IndyRef2 rather than put the country before his own thirst for power.  It's a no brainer for Corbyn.  He despises our country, he has no time for it and would see it smashed to pieces if it meant he could govern what is left.

Wednesday 26 June 2019


Chris Williamson has been readmitted to the Labour Party following his suspension in February.  An ultra Corbyn loyalist and epitome of the 'loony left' this will come as no surprise to anyone.  Many Labour figures have expressed dismay at the decision to allow Williamson back, not least Corbyn critics Wes Streeting, Margaret Hodge and former Labour MP Ian Austin.  The Jewish Labour Movement are not best pleased either.

The Guardian reports that Williamson will face a re-selection battle in his Derby North constituency.  If he is deselected it will mark an ironic twist of fate for the man who earlier this year embarked on what he called his 'Democracy Roadshow'.  He toured the country calling for MPs to face mandatory re-selection, in other words a 'purge' of all those members seen as disloyal to the Great Leader.  That's a socialist's version of 'democracy'.

In one respect it would be a shame to see the back of Williamson.  His views are so extreme he is a liability to the party every time he opens his mouth.  There are no pretences with Williamson, he is an unapologetic Marxist.

Contrast this with the softly softly approach of the likes of Corbyn and McDonnell.  While they may appear in front of murals of Marx and Lenin on May Day, when confronted about their communism they plead innocence.  This is what makes Corbyn and McDonnell eminently more dangerous.  We can see red Williamson coming a mile off, but Corbyn and McDonnell play their Marxist cards a tad closer to their chests.  Until they are in power...


We've blogged about this forthcoming quandary and 'clash of civilisations' countless times, so it is rather entertaining to watch Labour tear itself apart as it tries desperately to equate its position as both a party for Islamists and the party of equality and LGBT.  When the Birmingham school protests began the Labour party predictably ran a mile and ignored it at all costs.  When the protests spread it became harder for them to brush it under the carpet and two Birmingham MPs came face to face with the protesters, each falling on different sides of the fence.

Loudmouth fake feminist Jess Phillips (Birmingham Yardley) got herself into a pickle as she tried to comprehend the clash happening before her eyes.  Bless.  Roger Godsiff (Birmingham Hall Green) had less difficulty finding a way through the mire and came out for the Muslims.  This did not fare well with the progressive left, exemplified by teary Angela Eagle in the Commons yesterday (see video below).

Watch out for the very rude (but predictable) Jess Phillips intervention - she just can't help herself - plus Eagle turning directly towards Godsiff and mocking his views on the issue, much to the amusement of the LGBT mob surrounding her - Peter Kyle, Stephen Doughty, Lloyd Russell-Wotsit and Chris Underpants Bryant.  Ironically this was almost like playground bullying, except the victim was an old man.  Quite extraordinary, and we thought Labour were split on Brexit!

The problem with Eagle's position is that while she is talking about discrimination against the LGBT community in schools, the issue at hand concerns five-year-olds.  Five-year-olds are neither gay or straight, they are small children with no interest in sexual relationships.


David Miliband wasn't the only New Labour figure to re-emerge this week.  Gordon Brown also resurfaced to lecture us on Brexit, using the spectre of Scottish independence as his own personal Project Fear.

Brown was always a passionate advocate for the Union, it's one of his saving graces.  However, this speech was driven more by his hatred of Brexit, rather than love for the Union.  He bemoans the Tories for attempting to respect the 2016 result and labels them the "Conservative & Brexit Party".  Why on earth should any UK-wide party be opposed to Brexit?  The UK voted for Brexit.  We joined the single market (as it was then known) as the UK and we voted to leave it as the UK.  We will, possibly, leave the European Union and subsequently prosper as the UK.  The SNP argument that Brexit somehow subverts the will of the Scots is nonsense.  Sturgeon and her comrades are always moaning about being ruled from London, but London voted to Remain also Nicola.  Should they secede from the UK also?

Ironically in the 1975 referendum there were only two areas in the UK that voted against our continued membership and they were both in... yes, you guessed it, Scotland.  Sturgeon is clutching at straws and her crusade for so-called IndyRef2 is fatally flawed.  Despite all her posturing there is no significant polling shift towards independence.  She continually conflates Brexit with an increase in support for independence, but there is simply no evidence for it.  This was highlighted recently on the BBC's Question Time where the only Brexit supporter on the panel was also an advocate of Scottish independence - a "Leave Leave" voter you might say.  There are also "Remain Leave" voters, "Leave Remain" voters and "Remain Remain" voters.  Sturgeon's assumption that every single SNP voter is a hardcore Remainer is just plain daft.

For all his faults we shouldn't dismiss Gordon Brown altogether.  As a former British (and Scottish) Prime Minister, he is a valuable asset in the fight to maintain the Union.  However, when he conflates Brexit and Scottish independence we've got to call him out on it.  After all, we all know that the 2014 Scottish independence referendum was a 'once in a generation' event.  The SNP told us this countless times!  It's not as if there would be another Scottish referendum any time soon.  Sound familiar?

Sunday 23 June 2019


Andrew Marr entertained two former New Labour ministers today, expressing somewhat diametrically opposed views on Brexit.  Caroline Flint and David Miliband both campaigned for Remain, but since the Brexit betrayal Flint has pretty much switched sides.  She was a signatory to the strongly worded pro-Brexit letter to Corbyn last week and was one of the few Labour MPs to back May's deal.  Miliband on the other hand is the same stuck Remain record that is synonymous with establishment politicians of his ilk - Brown, Blair, Cameron, Mandelson, Starmer (and his brother).  Three years on it's long overdue that this record was put to rest and we moved on as an independent nation.


Sent in by Martin Cook, this humorous poll was created by Twitter user @phillipmhughes.  Phillip is actually a remoaner, proving that at least some of them possess a sense of humour.

The surprising hit was shared 3,703 times via Facebook and was last week's most shared.  Several people commented along similar lines, including this from Dennis Southwick - "Probably needed the first three before you had to face the fourth".  Quality.

Saturday 22 June 2019


The third Parliamentary by-election of the year will take place after Tory MP Chris Davies was sacked via recall petition.  Earlier this year Labour's Fiona Onasanya made history by becoming the first MP to lose her seat in this manner.  Davies had been convicted of making false expenses claims and, like Onasanya, he refused to give up his seat on the Westminster gravy train.  Good riddance.  These two MPs epitomise everything that is wrong with our political system today.  In years gone by an MP might have the decency to stand down following a criminal conviction, but not any more.  Shameful.

Davies was brought down by 19% of his electorate, easily surpassing the 10% required in order to get rid of him.  This wasn't quite as impressive as the 28% who signed in Peterborough, but the result is the same.  We now await a by-election date.

Unlike Onasanya, Davies has indicated he wants to contest the seat again as the Tory candidate.  A recalled MP can rightfully stand again in the resulting by-election, but the Tories would be mad to re-select him after such a strong turnout against him.

2017 General Election result

Christopher Davies (Con) 20,081
James Gibson-Watt (Lib-Dem) 12,043
Dan Lodge (Lab) 7,335
Kate Heneghan (Plaid) 1,299
Peter Gilbert (UKIP) 576

In the 2016 EU referendum Brecon & Radnorshire returned a 52% Leave vote.  The Brexit Party has not yet indicated it will stand.  To do so will almost certainly gift the seat to the Lib Dems and this would replace a Leave vote in the Commons with yet another Remainer.  Davies was a member of the pro-Brexit ERG (European Research Group).  Pro-Remain Plaid Cymru have already suggested it may not contest the seat in order to boost the pro-Remain Lib Dems.  The bookies have the Lib Dems as 'odds-on' to win the seat, but then they had the Brexit Party as 'odds-on' in Peterborough.  Take note Labour - there aren't many Muslim postal votes to be had here!

The position of Brecon & Radnorshire in Wales

Wednesday 19 June 2019


26 Labour MPs wrote to Corbyn today imploring him not to back a second referendum.  The letter (see below, click to enlarge) warns of the potential threat to Labour in Leave-voting seats, primarily from the Brexit Party.  The MPs explicitly state that "Brexit must happen.  The UK must leave..."

There are only two Brexiteers among the signatures (Mann, Skinner), the overwhelming majority being Remainers who are trying desperately to save their own Parliamentary skins.  How else to explain the presence of Stephen Kinnock, a man whose family made millions from being at the heart of the EU beast?  Having just seen the Brexit Party come from nowhere to almost snatch Peterborough, Stevie is clearly worried that the Brexit heartlands in south Wales are under threat from this new phenomenon.  Furthermore, he hasn't got thousands of Muslim postal votes to back him up either.

The only MP representing a Remain seat on the list is Jim Fitzpatrick, an MP who backed May's deal at the third time of asking.  Dan 'Two Jobs' Jarvis is also on the list, surely the gravy train robber is not looking to stand again at the next election?  Nothing would surprise in the shameless world of Westminster.

This is the full list of signatories, complete with their constituency referendum votes.

Kevin Barron (Rother Valley - 67% Leave)
Sarah Champion (Rotherham - 68% Leave)
Julie Cooper (Burnley - 67% Leave)
Rosie Cooper (West Lancs - 55% Leave)
Jon Cruddas (Dagenham & Rainham - 70% Leave)
Gloria De Piero (Ashfield - 70% Leave)
Jim Fitzpatrick (Poplar & Limehouse - 66% Remain)
Caroline Flint (Don Valley - 68% Leave)
Yvonne Fovargue (Makerfield - 65% Leave)
Mary Glindon (North Tyneside - 60% Leave)
Mike Hill (Hartlepool - 70% Leave)
Dan Jarvis (Barnsley Central - 68% Leave)
Stephen Kinnock (Aberavon - 60% Leave)
Emma Lewell-Buck (South Shields - 62% Leave)
Justin Madders (Ellesmere Port & Neston - 58% Leave)
John Mann (Bassetlaw - 68% Leave)
Jim McMahon (Oldham West & Royton - 61% Leave)
Grahame Morris (Easington - 66% Leave)
Lisa Nandy (Wigan - 63% Leave)
Melanie Onn (Great Grimsby - 71% Leave)
Stephanie Peacock (Barnsley East - 71% Leave)
Jo Platt (Leigh - 63% Leave)
Dennis Skinner (Bolsover - 70% Leave)
Laura Smith (Crewe & Nantwich - 60% Leave)
Ruth Smeeth (Stoke-on-Trent North - 72% Leave)
Gareth Snell (Stoke-on-Trent Central - 65% Leave)

Tuesday 18 June 2019


The media have been rallying around Rory Stewart ever since the first ballot, despite the fact he only scraped through in that one.  Why?  For the same reason that people like crazed Remainer Lord Adonis are rooting for the gangly weasel.

If Adonis is opting for Stewart over Hunt, he obviously sees the weasel as the best way forward to overturn the Leave mandate.  If Brexit is doomed either way, he wouldn't care either way.


Tom Watson's ultra-Remain speech yesterday predictably unleashed a fresh wave of Brexit infighting in the Labour Party.  Watching Labour MPs at each other's throats is particularly amusing given the fact they've spent years mocking the Tories for doing precisely the same.  John Mann and Ian Lavery led the fightback against Watson's crusade, although some questioned whether Tom's motives were more about undermining the Great Leader rather than overturning the Leave mandate.

Many Labour MPs in the north of England continue to resist calls for a second referendum, including Tom Watson's own partner - Barnsley East MP Stephanie Peacock.  Interestingly, the Wikipedia entries for this couple no longer list them as an item.  Brexit is clearly dividing Labour, but did it really split up this rather mismatched pair?  Time will tell.

Meanwhile, here's John Mann demolishing Tom Watson's stance on the BBC today.

Monday 17 June 2019


The lunatic named Adonis is still evading the search party from the asylum.  Having claimed for the last three years that Nigel Farage is the de facto Prime Minister, he's now tweeted this latest bonkers update...

Farage hasn't been a Tory since 1992, let alone a Tory MP.  How does Adonis draw this conclusion?  The Brexit Party is absorbed into the Tories?  Having just won seats in the Brexit heartlands that were once Labour?  That makes sense.  The mind boggles.

Meanwhile, as if spurred on by Adonis, the Farage tweeted several hours later to remind the Boris that we've heard all this shit before...

We live in interesting times, thankfully we don't all live inside the crazed mind of Lord Adonis.

Sunday 16 June 2019


An excellent interview by Sophy Ridge today with Labour Remainer Hilary Benn.  Presenting the same old tired arguments against a no deal Brexit and pushing for a second referendum (with the discredited Remain as an option, obviously), this guy heaps shame on the legacy of his own late father.  Tony Benn argued for democracy, but his son argues for the opposite.  If Hilary's motives are not purely driven by a desire to stop Brexit then why doesn't he promote a referendum that respects the first one ie. Deal or No Deal.  Remain lost in 2016, to argue for its inclusion is an affront to democracy.

Now let's hear a clip from Tony Benn, another prime example that shows that the act of Leaving the European Union is neither 'left or right' and that both sides of the political spectrum can unite behind one goal - Brexit.


A slightly different version of this has been floating around for some time, we just gave it a slight makeover and hastily posted it as a 'filler' last Sunday.  You can tell how hasty it was because it's slightly crooked and on Facebook you can see where the cut and paste left two white lines where there shouldn't be (white lines should only be found in Michael Gove's house).  Regardless, this meme became our most shared last week, an impressive 9,444 shares on Facebook.  Kudos to the brains behind it, whoever you are.


The slanging match between Donald Trump and Sadiq Khan reignited from out of nowhere today.  A tweet from Katie Hopkins somehow caught the attention of the President and he retweeted it along with a renewed attack on the under fire Khan.

These two squabbling children ought really to focus on their own issues.  Both of them have big elections coming up next year and these tirades do absolutely nothing to enhance their re-election efforts.  It confirms only that they are supremely arrogant and cocksure of victory.  That's a dangerous place to be, just ask Hillary Clinton.

Sadly, the useless Khan is likely to be around a while longer yet.  Despite his approval rating falling into negative figures recently, he was still miles ahead of his nearest rival in the most recent opinion poll.  The Conservative's Shaun Bailey has a lot of catching up to do if he is to stand a chance of toppling Khan next year, seeing as it appears that no matter how much crime spirals out of control the capital appears to prefer a 'stone cold loser'.

Clearly a lot will hinge on the 'B' word and at the moment Bailey is the only Brexiteer taking part in the contest.  If we Leave and the dire predictions of the Remainers prove false it could go in his favour.  However, at the moment most London voters are at odds with the rest of England in their vision for Brexit.  They don't want it to happen full stop.  If we haven't left the EU by May 2020 it's difficult to see how Shaun Bailey could successfully appeal in this Remain heartland.

Sure, there's a lot more to the next mayoral election than Brexit, but Khan's continuing inaction on crime and lack of ideas should have him trailing in polls - not leading them.  The only thing we know for certain is that whoever wins in 2020, the opinions of world leaders - no matter who they are - is going to have little bearing on the result.

Saturday 15 June 2019


Predictable as ever, Corbyn comes out in support of Iran over the tanker bombings.

His capacity for supporting our enemies every single time is quite something, perhaps best summed up by the response of the Foreign Secretary...


The Provisional IRA murdered a civilian in a car bomb attack in central Belfast.  Nathaniel Cush had spent more than half his life in the British Army, but had left ten weeks prior to his murder.  The 47-year-old worked at the post office in Tomb Street and was leaving work when the bomb exploded.  Having left the army Nathaniel probably didn't check under his car and when he turned on the ignition the bomb exploded.  He was killed instantly.

Nathaniel Cush was a colour sergeant when he left the Ulster Defence Regiment.  He had a total of 24 years service under his belt, 15 of which had been spent in the UDR, and was buried with full military honours.  The funeral took place the day before he was due to have a farewell dinner arranged by his former comrades.  Nathaniel came from west Belfast and was survived by his wife and two children.

A tree dedicated to Nathaniel Cush at the National Memorial Arboretum at Alrewas in Staffordshire

Friday 14 June 2019


Following on from an election campaign which Labour fought (and lost) on labeling pro-Brexit parties "far right", we were never far away from hearing them incorporate the Tories under that banner.  It comes as no great surprise to hear one of the first to hit the Tories with that phrase is daft Dave Lammy, the man who earlier this year labelled Brexiteers like "Hitler and the Nazis".

Are the Tories really "hard right" Dave?  They've been in power for nine years, two of which with an outright majority.  Surely we'd have noticed by now if we were living under an authoritarian regime?

As always with the soft lad, not much makes sense.  He bemoans the fact that "British people have been denied a voice in choosing their own prime minister".  Hold your horses Dave - the Tories haven't chosen one yet either.  And in any case, who elected the last Labour Prime Minister?  Not the "British people" that's for sure.  Weren't you a member of Brown's government?  Short memory son.


So, the BBC began backpedalling on Jo Brand's acid 'joke' in under 24 hours.  They airbrushed it from the iPlayer and went from brazenly supporting it to regretting "any offence we have caused".  

That somewhat misses the point.  It was never about 'offending' people (with the exception of acid attack survivors), it was about normalising acts of political violence.  Some would go further and argue that it was incitement, indeed the Met police are investigating such a complaint.  Certainly if some spiteful and easily influenced leftie hears about acid often enough it could encourage them to turn what Jo Brand called a "fantasy" into reality.  Let's not forget this is not the first time a Labour supporter has suggested acid be used as a weapon against political opponents.

Comedian Alistair Williams interrupted his holiday to lend his thoughts on the controversy from his hotel room.

You can subscribe to Alistair's YouTube channel here.


Chuka Umunna will now enter the Commons under a third party name this year (it's still only June).

This is an act of self-preservation for Chuka.  Change UK was a trainwreck and it was quite obvious that he had zero chance of re-election under that banner.  He is now pinning his hopes on an amber rosette continuing his Parliamentary career, but it's still a long shot.  Although the Lib Dems topped the poll in Lambeth in the recent Euro elections, such votes rarely translate into a Parliamentary election - as we saw last week in Peterborough.  All three MPs in Lambeth (Chuka in Streatham, Kate Hoey in Vauxhall and Helen Hayes in Dulwich) have huge majorities.  They were all elected for Labour.  In Chuka's seat the Lib Dems actually came third in the last general election, miles behind the Tories let alone Labour.

Some tweets don't age well

2017 General Election:  Streatham

Chuka Umunna (Lab) 38,212
Kim Caddy (Con) 11,927
Alex Davies (Lib Dem) 3,611
Nicole Griffiths (Green) 1,696
Robert Stephenson (UKIP) 349

It's difficult to see how Chuka could cling on to this seat, even with a huge swing to the Lib Dems.  Labour would make this eminently more implausible by selecting an openly Remain candidate to fight him.  They'd be daft not to in this Remain heartland.  Furthermore, how can his constituents trust a man who has changed his party twice since being re-elected in 2017 and hasn't entrusted them once with a by-election.

The only rosette that could keep Chuka on the Westminster gravy train is a red one, but perhaps this would be a change too far even for Chuka - as if Corbyn would have the turncoat Zionist Blairite traitor back in the first place.

Well tonight Matthew, I'm going to be a Lib Dem...

Thursday 13 June 2019


It took the media a while to get on the Jo Brand story yesterday, but it was creating such a stir online that by this morning it was all over the news.  The BBC itself has now been forced into addressing the issue, but rather unsurprisingly the organisation has rallied behind her.  Whereas Danny Baker was sacked over a picture he described as a "joke", the BBC is supporting a woman who 'joked' about seriously injuring someone.  There's clearly a glaring inconsistency on the part of the Beeb.

The BBC article in which it defended Brand last night is both dishonest and shows a clear political bias.  During the European election campaign the Labour Party took to describing UKIP and the Brexit Party as "far right".  It was a prominent feature of Labour's campaign and the same language appeared in the BBC's defence of Jo Brand yesterday.

"Brand, speaking after Mr Farage and a number of far-right European election candidates were covered in milkshakes during campaign walkabouts in May..."
BBC labels UKIP/Brexit Party 'far right'

The 'far right' label doesn't stand up to much scrutiny, but the left has done everything it can to normalise its use and demonise its opponents.  The BBC deployed it to craftily undermine the target of the 'joke', but then the difference between the Beeb and the political left has long been a blurred line.  Jo Brand herself is a famous Labour supporter (as is Danny Baker) and appeared in a Labour election broadcast in 2015.

In the article the BBC goes on to flat out lie about the online response to Brand's 'joke'.

"Her [Brand's] follow-up comments were edited out of widely-shared clips on social media".

This is simply not true.  Her remarks after the acid 'joke' in which she said it was "purely a fantasy" were left in every single clip we can find, including the one we used yesterday.  Guido Fawkes left it in, as did this YouTuber and also TV Licence Resistance.

Brand herself has not commented on the controversy.  Nigel Farage was asked about it on Fox News.

Meanwhile, the petition to abolish the TV licence is fast approaching 200,000.

Wednesday 12 June 2019


The first attempt by Remainer MPs to stop Brexit from happening in October failed this evening.  The motion, supported by Labour, the SNP, Lib Dems, Plaid and Green MP Caroline Lucas, was defeated by 11 votes.

As the Tories cheered the result an angry Corbyn shouted across the chamber "You won't be cheering in September".  Quite what he meant by that is anyone's guess.  Perhaps he meant to say October, that would have made more sense.

Eight Labour MPs voted against the motion, crucially 17 abstained.  Several opponents of a second referendum were among the abstentions including Ruth Smeeth, Melanie Onn and Gareth Snell.  However, despite all her recent bluster, Lisa Nandy supported the motion.  Note to people of Wigan - remember this.

Ian Blackford was furious about Labour's rebels and abstentions, directly blaming them for the motion's defeat in a furious tweet.  "Unforgivable" he chuntered.  Thankfully all ten DUP members were present and duly voted against the motion.

The eight Labour rebels who opposed Labour's motion were:

Kevin Barron
Ronnie Campbell
Jim Fitzpatrick
Caroline Flint
Stephen Hepburn
Kate Hoey
John Mann
Graham Stringer

On the Tory benches there were ten rebels that supported Labour's motion.  All but three represent Leave-voting constituencies:

Guto Bebb - constituency voted Leave 52%
Ken Clarke
Jonathan Djanogly - constituency voted Leave 53%
Justine Greening
Dominic Grieve
Sam Gyimah - constituency voted Leave 54%
Phillip Lee - constituency voted Leave 53%
Oliver Letwin - constituency voted Leave 51%
Antoinette Sandbach - constituency voted Leave 52%
Caroline Spelman - constituency voted Leave 59%

Make no mistake, this won't be their last attempt to stop us leaving in October.  They will be back again soon with more of the same and the Speaker will be only too happy to oblige them...


LBC's Nick Ferrari has brutally mocked the BBC in a hilarious skit on his radio phone-in show.  Responding to a caller about the recent TV licence controversy he went through the BBC1 and BBC2 schedule and demolished it slot by slot.

Meanwhile, Good Morning Britain kept up the pressure today by holding a discussion about the Beeb's disgraceful decision for a second consecutive day.  SAS veteran Phil Campion was the pick of the panel, with Labour's Ben Bradshaw trying to score points by blaming the government.

The petition to abolish the licence altogether has picked up more than 60,000 signatures in the last 24 hours.  Sign here.


Jo Brand's remark about battery acid being thrown at "certain unpleasant" politicians has created a lot of chatter on social media, but strangely not a single media outlet appears to have carried the story (at time of writing).  It doesn't take a genius to know exactly who Labour supporter Jo is referring to.  The only people being milkshaked are Brexiteers.  Imagine if the 'joke' was on the reverse side and a right-wing comic had suggested replacing milkshake with acid and throwing it over Corbyn and co?

Of course comedy is subjective and one look at our Facebook page will tell you that we all share a sense of humour, but this is beyond the pale.  Acid attacks are one of the most horrific and sadistic ways in which someone can be physically assaulted.  Victims are scarred for life in the most prominent part of their bodies - their face - and they are reminded of it every time they look in the mirror or see a photo of themselves for the rest of their lives.

It's just not funny Jo.

Will the BBC act?  Danny Baker was fired for much less than this.  Will there be any consistency?  Don't hold your breath, but it's another good reason to sign the TV licence petition.


A petition dedicated to Jo's dismissal has sprung up already!


Tory leadership contender Mark Harper has released an awesome campaign video targeting Corbyn's toxic Labour party.  You may have never heard the name Mark Harper before, but he's hit the mark here.  The leadership campaign needs more of this.  Tories want to see how their candidates would tackle Labour - the real enemy - not each other.  Watch below.


The Beeb's decision to abolish free TV licences for the over 75s has sparked a shit storm.  It's been a long time coming.  In the age of Netflix, YouTube and countless other entertainment avenues, people of all ages are beginning to ask why they are required to pay for the privilege of a handful of BBC channels they rarely, if ever, watch.  What's more, unless you're a leftie, liberal and/or remoaner, why on earth would you want to pay for a media outlet that aims to indoctrinate its viewers with politically correct anti-British anti-Brexit bias?  If you don't like the political stance of a certain newspaper, you wouldn't buy it would you?

The Beeb's latest bare-faced cheek comes just a matter of days after the D-Day commemorations, where we remembered the sacrifices of many thousands of young Brits on the beaches of Normandy.  Now the surviving veterans of that battle, and the many that followed, are being asked to stump up even more cash to fund the likes of Gary 'Revoke Article 50' Lineker and Graham 'Let's Take The Piss Out Of Trump & The Tories' Norton.  That jug-eared numpty picked up almost £2million last year alone.

If you're angry about this issue, or just angry about this hideous tax and the BBC in general, please sign the petition.  It's been up and running for months, but the furore unleashed in the last 24 hours has sent the numbers spiralling upwards and it will now be considered for Parliamentary debate.  Keep up the pressure and join the boycott!

Tuesday 11 June 2019


Labour and the Remain parties are wasting no time in trying to block a future Tory Prime Minister from taking us out of the EU on October 31st.  A motion has been tabled for tomorrow aimed at preventing a no deal Brexit.  As we already know, Labour will not back the existing withdrawal deal, so this is simply about stopping Brexit and trying to force a general election.

Corbyn himself has signed off the motion, along with Ian Blackford (SNP), Vince Cable (Lib Dem), Caroline Lucas (Green), Liz Saville-Roberts (Plaid) and Oliver Letwin (Tory).  The interesting thing to note about the last name - Letwin - is that he is backing Michael Gove in the leadership contest, a supposedly pro-Brexit candidate...


We wanted to do something a bit different with the angry lady from Barking, so here it is.

We tried posting this on Facebook, but even with a song credit they blanked the music out.  You can subscribe to our YouTube channel here.


Born:  Malvern, 1962
First elected to Parliament:  1997, for Redditch
Left Parliament:  2010, lost her seat in general election
Expenses fame:  Home flipping and pornos

Jacqui Smith was a member of the Labour government for almost ten years and rose to the position of Home Secretary under Gordon Brown.  Before entering Parliament she was a schoolteacher, as were her parents before her.  She was selected for the newly created seat of Redditch via an all-woman shortlist and won it in the Labour landslide of 1997.

Smith's involvement in the expenses scandal first came to light in February 2009.  She was accused of 'flipping' her primary home designation in order to maximise allowances for her second home.  At that time MPs were allowed to claim for a second home, so they could perform their duties both in Westminster and their constituency.  Smith's decision to name her sister's house as her 'main home' allowed her to claim a whopping £116,000 towards her 'second home' back in Redditch.  The designation directly contradicted her own website which stated that the MP "lived in Redditch".

The controversy came to light when her neighbours told journalists that she only spent 2-3 nights at the London property each week.  Smith denied these claims and said that she had done nothing wrong.  The following month it was revealed that among the expenses claimed for her Redditch home were two adult films.  These were among five pay-per-view films that had been claimed for, despite the fact she was in London at that time.  This time Smith apologised, as did her husband, who said sorry for 'embarrassing his wife'.  She said the claim was a 'mistake' and agreed to pay it back, but that she had no intention of resigning.  The Sunday Sport responded to the latest revelations by sending a glamour model around to the property with a stash of porno mags and DVDs as a 'donation' for Smith's husband.

In relation to her 'second home' Smith claimed for everything from a £1,000 fireplace and a £550 kitchen sink to an 88p bathplug.

Despite the embarrassment, Smith was defended by Gordon Brown at the time.  However, less than three months later it was announced that she would be leaving the Cabinet and returning to the back benches.  That was where she remained until 2010 when she lost her seat to the Conservatives.  The expenses scandal may well have contributed to the result.  Seven months before the election she was found to be in breach of the rules on second home allowances.  The Parliamentary Standards Commissioner accepted her defence that she had spent more time in London, but decided that this should still have been regarded as her second home and not Redditch as she had designated.

She was not asked to repay any money, but ordered to make an apology to the House of Commons.  When Smith made her 'apology' she only said sorry for the pay-per-view expenses and went on to proclaim herself innocent of home flipping.

Smith later claimed that she was unfairly targeted during the expenses scandal because she was "a woman" and that she became the "poster girl" for the scandal.  She maintains that she did nothing wrong in the designation of her homes.

Monday 10 June 2019


Labour's Lord Adonis is still doing daft mathematical equations to show that the Brexit Party is losing at everything (including that election where they won in nine regions and picked up more seats than his party and the Tories combined).

The "thread" that he refers to goes on for another five tweets, but if you read them all you'll be in danger of losing the will to live.


Zohaib Sadiq pictured in Pakistan earlier this year

The husband of a Birmingham Labour councillor has been pictured holding an AK-47 assault rifle and a rocket launcher in Pakistan.  The photos were apparently taken in February when the couple were on 'holiday'.  Zohaib Sadiq, a Labour activist, posted the images on one of his Facebook pages and announced that he'd had a "great day out with Pak army".  The training camp he was visiting is reportedly near the Indian border.  Interesting 'holiday'.

His councillor wife, Safia Akhtar, had nothing to say when approached by the Times and neither did the Birmingham Labour group.  When the newspaper asked her husband about the pictures he had no comment either and swiftly deleted the images.

Apparently this is the second time the 31-year-old has been pictured with weapons and was seen holding another assault rifle in Pakistan in 2013, albeit without any accompanying military personnel.  The Times did not print this picture, so it is not clear if the gun was loaded, unlike the most recent example (see above) where there is clearly no magazine present.

Zohaib Sadiq (centre) with his wife and local activists

Strangely this story has only appeared in the Times and no other rag has touched it, not even the local Birmingham Mail.  However, the Mail did feature Safia Akhtar shortly before she became a councillor for the Small Heath ward last year.  At that time she went by the name Safia Noor and stoked some controversy by claiming that there is "no ISIS" and "no proof" that terrorist atrocities were carried out by ISIS.

Their social media accounts show that this couple have strong links to Pakistan and a keen interest in what goes on there, while at the same time campaigning for the Labour party in Birmingham.  Cllr Akhtar has been pictured with several Labour MPs including Liam Byrne and Shabana Mahmood.  In 2015 she backed Yvette Cooper for the party leadership.

Zohaib Sadiq (left)

Safia Akhtar (far right) and Zohaib Sadiq (centre)

Safia Akhtar backed Yvette Cooper for the party leadership in 2015

Akhtar with fellow Labour activists

Cllr Akhtar, pictured right, with Labour colleagues

Of course we've seen pictures like this very recently.  The controversial Peterborough by-election was marred by claims of postal vote rigging, anti-Semitism and a Labour campaign that appeared to be targeted solely at the Muslim community.  It's not hard to join the dots and find that a party initially founded for the workers has long abandoned them in favour of an ethno-religious demographic and tribal politics.  Leftist parties across western Europe have also signed up to this short-sighted alliance, eager for the short term political gain, ignorant of the long-term pain.

Sunday 9 June 2019


It was a big week over on the Facebook page.  Coverage of Corbyn and co's tantrum against President Trump, plus the Peterborough by-election, led to a surge in support.  We drew in almost 2,000 new followers, many of whom finding us for the first time courtesy of this BTLP original.  We replaced the Trump balloon's head with a balloon head called Owen and it was shared a whopping 23,383 times.

With two mature gents set upon by Corbyn's foot soldiers the Trump protests unleashed a dark side for all to see.  It was an own goal for the wee lad and his idol.  It won't be the last.

Saturday 8 June 2019


One of the refreshing things about the Peterborough by-election was the fact that all the main candidates were from Peterborough itself, all the way down the list as far as UKIP.  In the previous post we heard from the Labour MP for Birmingham Hall Green, Roger Godsiff.  Listening to him drone on in his rather distinctly un-Brummie tones it reminded us of various other instances of Labour people being 'parachuted' in.  Yorkshire has plenty of them - Yvette Cooper, Rachel Reeves and Mary Creagh to name a few, coincidentally all hideous Brexit-blocking MPs who are at odds with their Leave-voting constituencies.

Anyway, to cut a long story short we decided to look at Roger Godsiff and his fellow Birmingham Labour MPs and see how many are actually born and bred in the city.  Turns out, not that many...

Roger Godsiff (Hall Green) born in Lewisham, London
Richard Burden (Northfield) born in Liverpool
Liam Byrne (Hodge Hill) born in Warrington
Jack Dromey (Erdington) born in Brent, London
Preet Kaur Gill (Edgbaston) born in Edgbaston, Birmingham
Steve McCabe (Selly Oak) born in Inverclyde
Khalid Mahmood (Perry Barr) born in Pakistan
Shabana Mahmood (Ladywood) born in Small Heath, Birmingham
Jess Phillips (Yardley) born in Birmingham

That's only a third of Birmingham MPs actually born in Birmingham.

In the cause of fairness the Tory MP for Sutton Coldfield (Andrew Mitchell) isn't a Brummie either (another Londoner).  Pretty sure that most London MPs are from London.  Funny that.


The Birmingham school protests have paralysed the Labour party.  Many leading figures have been unwilling and unable to address what is essentially a clash between their position as a liberal pro-LGBT party and a Muslim party.  Clearly the two ideals are incompatible and this has given local MPs and councillors a headache.  If they back one side they upset the other.

Ladywood MP Shabana Mahmood backed the Muslim protesters, but as a Muslim herself the outrage was largely muted within the party.  Now another local MP has expressed his support for the protesters, but the response this time has been slightly more vocal.  Why?  Because Roger Godsiff (Birmingham Hall Green) is an old white geezer.  How dare he?

Roger addressed a meeting this week in which he voiced his unwavering support for the protesters.  The meeting is chaired by the protest leader - the same young man that Jess Phillips (Birmingham Yardley) faced off with last month.  It should be noted that this chap, Shakeel Afsar, doesn't even have any children attending this school - further proof of the Islamist nature of the protest.  There are also reports that some of the protesters have been bussed in from outside Birmingham.

Several videos have emerged from Godsiff's little gathering, having been uploaded by those in attendance.  In the video below Afsar thanks Godsiff for attending the meeting and then the MP embarks on a speech.

Note that Godsiff refers to a local councillor who "has no children", while stood next to the protest leader who has no children!  The conclusion to his speech can be seen below, after which he shakes hands with Afsar again.

The Birmingham Mail reports that several Labour figures have called for Godsiff "to quit", albeit they're only able to quote two of any significance - Ilford North MP Wes Streeting and a Birmingham councillor John O'Shea.  It appears that Labour is never going to get off the fence about this issue - it's Brexit all over again!

Friday 7 June 2019


The left-wing press were clearly over the moon with the Peterborough result, but the quality of the coverage differed per rag.  The Mirror couldn't hide its delight, dedicating an entire article to ridiculing Nigel Farage, while the Guardian had a more measured approach.

The Guardian article is significant because although it addresses several key factors in Labour's victory it fails to address the most glaring issue - the elephant in the room.  Yes, we know all about how Labour is a well-oiled electioneering machine, they've been at it for the best part of a century whereas the Brexit Party were at it for a few weeks.  Yes, we know all about the postal votes and how the overwhelming majority of postal votes always appear to have the Labour box ticked.  There were reportedly 6,000 postal votes in this by-election, that's almost as many votes as the Tories could muster in total.  It's a solid tactic, routinely deployed in Labour towns and cities up and down the country.  We know that.

But why does the Guardian not mention the 'M' word once in its article?  We said before this election that this ten per cent Peterborough demographic would be vital for Labour to succeed.  The Great Leader knew this only too well and exploited it to ultimate success.  The Guardian may not have mentioned it, but perhaps they didn't need to.  This was the picture they lead with...

The elephant in question usually has a beard, slaps his woman around a bit and prays five times a day.


Only found this video in the small hours of this morning, it's by far the funniest video you'll see all week.  The video starts off with a bloke in a gas mask and a sombrero (let that sink in), then there's a couple that suggest 'austerity' killed more people than communism.  The mind boggles.

Reporter:  "Why are you holding a communist flag?"
Communist:  "Because I'm a member of the Communist Party".

Comedy gold!


Thankfully the Labour 'victory' in Peterborough came far too late for the print run, so the D-Day commemorations dominated the front pages for the second day running.  One image in particular symbolised hope for our future as a nation, beyond the current leftist agenda that seeks to destroy everything we hold dear.