Wednesday 26 June 2019


Chris Williamson has been readmitted to the Labour Party following his suspension in February.  An ultra Corbyn loyalist and epitome of the 'loony left' this will come as no surprise to anyone.  Many Labour figures have expressed dismay at the decision to allow Williamson back, not least Corbyn critics Wes Streeting, Margaret Hodge and former Labour MP Ian Austin.  The Jewish Labour Movement are not best pleased either.

The Guardian reports that Williamson will face a re-selection battle in his Derby North constituency.  If he is deselected it will mark an ironic twist of fate for the man who earlier this year embarked on what he called his 'Democracy Roadshow'.  He toured the country calling for MPs to face mandatory re-selection, in other words a 'purge' of all those members seen as disloyal to the Great Leader.  That's a socialist's version of 'democracy'.

In one respect it would be a shame to see the back of Williamson.  His views are so extreme he is a liability to the party every time he opens his mouth.  There are no pretences with Williamson, he is an unapologetic Marxist.

Contrast this with the softly softly approach of the likes of Corbyn and McDonnell.  While they may appear in front of murals of Marx and Lenin on May Day, when confronted about their communism they plead innocence.  This is what makes Corbyn and McDonnell eminently more dangerous.  We can see red Williamson coming a mile off, but Corbyn and McDonnell play their Marxist cards a tad closer to their chests.  Until they are in power...