Thursday 6 June 2019


The coming clash between progressive liberal values and totalitarian Islam is something we've warned about time and time again.  The left are so blinkered in their dedication to both of these diametrically opposed causes that they can neither see what is coming or comprehend it.  Birmingham Yardley MP Jess Phillips tried to get her head around it recently, but found herself completely stuck and unable to find a way out.  There isn't one Jess, because the two causes to which you and your party are steadfastly committed to cannot possibly co-exist.

Funnily enough she was outmanoeuvred by a young Muslim protester who hasn't spent two years in the Commons listening to political debate and engaging in it day in day out.  He used the same basic counter-arguments and buzz words that the left itself has taught minorities to use against detractors for years - 'racist', 'intolerant' and 'Islamophobe' to name a few.  Oh, the irony.

This American YouTuber brought up the experience of poor Jess Phillips in one of his recent videos, but he also took aim at the doctrine being pushed by the liberal establishment.

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