Friday 28 June 2019


If Jeremy Corbyn thought Chris Williamson's return to the party was going to escape unnoticed, he was sorely mistaken.  What began as angry tweets on Wednesday escalated to media interviews and a 90-strong letter of protest yesterday.  Rather unsurprisingly the first name on the letter is one Tom Watson, followed by 89 Labour MPs and peers.

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Labour MPs were queuing up for media interviews to condemn Williamson's re-admittance in the strongest terms possible.  Louise Ellman told Channel 4 that "A party that does not deal with hatred and prejudices towards Jewish people is not fit to govern".  Neil Coyle lashed out at one of the members of the disciplinary panel that overturned Williamson's submission, namely Keith Vaz.  Speaking to Sky, Coyle referred to Vaz as 'Jim', referencing the rent-boy scandal in which Vaz called himself 'Jim - the washing machine salesman'.  Meanwhile, Vaz cried foul and said he was set up, having to attend the disciplinary hearing whilst in the middle of 'medical treatment'.  Of course, Jim.

Williamson himself has so far maintained a silence on the furore, except to thank the "avalanche of goodwill messages from grassroots members".  He'll need warm thoughts of the proletariat when he is next greeted by the cold shoulder by the Parliamentary Labour Party.