Thursday 27 June 2019


It's fair to say that the Great Leader is under the cosh at the moment.  The shitstorm over Chris Williamson's return is currently stealing the limelight, but the Brexit row continues adjacent to it and there were also a couple of gems lurking in the background today.  Ipsos MORI released a string of devastating polls, each delivering a blow to Corbyn and his lefty tub-thumpers.  Despite Tory woes, the Great Leader is shown to be more unpopular than Theresa May, a worse candidate for PM than both Hunt and Johnson, and ultimately the most unpopular leader of the opposition for the last 40 years (yes, he's faring worse than even Michael Foot, see below).  The Tories were also shown to have regained the lead in Parliamentary voting intention.

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As if to kick him while he's down, former Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale popped up to claim that Corbyn cares more about winning power than he does about the Union.  No shit.  We've been saying for months that Labour can't win a general election outright, but they'd be happy to share power with similar minded parties, namely the SNP.  However, the SNP would predictably demand a second Scottish independence referendum as part of any coalition deal.  What Kezia is saying is that Corbyn would risk the Union and entertain IndyRef2 rather than put the country before his own thirst for power.  It's a no brainer for Corbyn.  He despises our country, he has no time for it and would see it smashed to pieces if it meant he could govern what is left.