Wednesday 26 June 2019


We've blogged about this forthcoming quandary and 'clash of civilisations' countless times, so it is rather entertaining to watch Labour tear itself apart as it tries desperately to equate its position as both a party for Islamists and the party of equality and LGBT.  When the Birmingham school protests began the Labour party predictably ran a mile and ignored it at all costs.  When the protests spread it became harder for them to brush it under the carpet and two Birmingham MPs came face to face with the protesters, each falling on different sides of the fence.

Loudmouth fake feminist Jess Phillips (Birmingham Yardley) got herself into a pickle as she tried to comprehend the clash happening before her eyes.  Bless.  Roger Godsiff (Birmingham Hall Green) had less difficulty finding a way through the mire and came out for the Muslims.  This did not fare well with the progressive left, exemplified by teary Angela Eagle in the Commons yesterday (see video below).

Watch out for the very rude (but predictable) Jess Phillips intervention - she just can't help herself - plus Eagle turning directly towards Godsiff and mocking his views on the issue, much to the amusement of the LGBT mob surrounding her - Peter Kyle, Stephen Doughty, Lloyd Russell-Wotsit and Chris Underpants Bryant.  Ironically this was almost like playground bullying, except the victim was an old man.  Quite extraordinary, and we thought Labour were split on Brexit!

The problem with Eagle's position is that while she is talking about discrimination against the LGBT community in schools, the issue at hand concerns five-year-olds.  Five-year-olds are neither gay or straight, they are small children with no interest in sexual relationships.