Thursday 6 June 2019


Of the fifteen candidates standing in today's by-election there are six Brexiteers, six Remainers and three undeclared/neutral candidates.  In the 2016 referendum the constituency returned a 61% Leave vote.  In the last Parliamentary election there were just four candidates and, as we know, the seat was won by Labour's Fiona Onasanya.

2017 General Election

Fiona Onasanya (Lab) 22,950
Stewart Jackson (Con) 22,343
Beki Sellick (Lib Dem) 1,597
Fiona Radic (Green) 848

The Brexit Party hammered Labour in the Euro elections, but it's important to note that the council boundaries are not the same as the Parliamentary boundaries, so this result is not as indicative as it might seem, plus voters do not necessarily vote the same way in Parliamentary elections.

2019 European Election

Brexit Party - 16,196
Labour - 7,272
Lib Dem - 6,491
Conservative - 4,594
Green - 4,563
UKIP - 1,537

Here's a full run-down on the by-election candidates, starting with the bookies favourite.

Mike Greene (Brexit Party)
Leave candidate, 1-8 odds on.  From Peterborough.

Lisa Forbes (Labour)
Remain candidate, 5-1.  From Peterborough.

Beki Sellick (Lib Dem)
Remain candidate, 25-1.  From Peterborough.

Paul Bristow (Conservative)
Leave candidate, 40-1.  From Peterborough.

Joseph Wells (Green)
Remain candidate, 200-1.  From Peterborough.

John Whitby (UKIP)
Leave candidate, 500-1.  From Peterborough.

Patrick O'Flynn (SDP)
Leave candidate, 500-1.  From London.

Peter Ward (Renew)
Remain candidate, 500-1.  From London.

Dick Rodgers (Common Good)
Remain candidate, 500-1.  From Birmingham.

Pierre Kirk (UK European Union Party)
Remain candidate, 500-1.  From London.

Tom Rogers (Christian People's Alliance)
No Brexit position, 500-1.  From Peterborough.

Andrew Moore (Independent)
Leave candidate, 500-1.  From Peterborough.

Bobby Smith (Independent)
No Brexit position, 500-1.  From Stevenage.

Stephen Goldspink (English Democrats)
Leave candidate, 1000-1.  From Peterborough.

Alan 'Howling Laud' Hope (Monster Raving Loony)
No Brexit position, 1000-1.  From Hampshire.

Odds sourced from Skybet.