Saturday 8 June 2019


One of the refreshing things about the Peterborough by-election was the fact that all the main candidates were from Peterborough itself, all the way down the list as far as UKIP.  In the previous post we heard from the Labour MP for Birmingham Hall Green, Roger Godsiff.  Listening to him drone on in his rather distinctly un-Brummie tones it reminded us of various other instances of Labour people being 'parachuted' in.  Yorkshire has plenty of them - Yvette Cooper, Rachel Reeves and Mary Creagh to name a few, coincidentally all hideous Brexit-blocking MPs who are at odds with their Leave-voting constituencies.

Anyway, to cut a long story short we decided to look at Roger Godsiff and his fellow Birmingham Labour MPs and see how many are actually born and bred in the city.  Turns out, not that many...

Roger Godsiff (Hall Green) born in Lewisham, London
Richard Burden (Northfield) born in Liverpool
Liam Byrne (Hodge Hill) born in Warrington
Jack Dromey (Erdington) born in Brent, London
Preet Kaur Gill (Edgbaston) born in Edgbaston, Birmingham
Steve McCabe (Selly Oak) born in Inverclyde
Khalid Mahmood (Perry Barr) born in Pakistan
Shabana Mahmood (Ladywood) born in Small Heath, Birmingham
Jess Phillips (Yardley) born in Birmingham

That's only a third of Birmingham MPs actually born in Birmingham.

In the cause of fairness the Tory MP for Sutton Coldfield (Andrew Mitchell) isn't a Brummie either (another Londoner).  Pretty sure that most London MPs are from London.  Funny that.