Sunday 28 February 2021


In his much anticipated return to the public eye, Donald Trump told the Conservative Political Action Conference that media reports suggesting he was to found a new political party were not true.  "We have the Republican Party" he announced, although he stopped short of confirming he would run again in 2024.  However, throughout his 90 minute speech he made it fairly clear that was his intention: "History will show that this was the moment that we could have given up" he told delegates.

Trump did not mention the Great Reset by name, but there were plenty of references to the battle ahead and he was scathing about big tech and the 'fake news' media.

Watch below for the full speech (the original YouTube video was removed, so we managed to find it elsewhere, although this could also be removed at any point).


Ex-Labour and Respect lefty George Galloway has dropped a bombshell on Twitter - he will vote Conservative in the upcoming Holyrood elections.  Although he is standing for Alliance 4 Unity, Galloway says he will vote tactically in support of the Union, ensuring that his local Tory incumbent gets re-elected.

Scots get two votes in May - one to elect their constituency MSP (first past the post) and one for their regional MSP (proportional representation).  Galloway is hoping to get elected via the regional list and will vote for his own party with his second vote.

Galloway launched Alliance 4 Unity last year in an attempt to unite Scottish Unionists under one banner and help bring down the SNP.  However, the three main parties opposed to the SNP rejected Galloway's call for an alliance.  The Conservatives, Labour and Liberal Democrats refused to stand aside and as a consequence it's unlikely that his party will make a significant impact in May, leaving Sturgeon to romp home yet again.

George's decision to put aside political differences for the greater good may have raised a few eyebrows, but he has form for this.  With Brexit under serious threat he publicly backed the Brexit Party at the 2019 European elections.

The Alliance 4 Unity party boasts a diverse field of candidates, including UKIP founder Dr Alan Sked and libertarian columnist Jamie Blackett.


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Saturday 27 February 2021


In one of the most irrelevant leadership elections in history, Anas Sarwar has defeated Monica Lennon for the leadership of Scottish Labour.  The two MSPs went head-to-head after the surprise resignation of hapless Richard Leonard last month.  The quick turnaround in this election contrasts sharply with the national leadership election last year, which took four months to unfold.  Then again, there is a Holyrood election barely two months away and Labour are desperate to introduce their latest leader to the electorate, an electorate incidentally that doesn't really care which muppet is in charge of a party that is going to finish third - again.

Since Labour embarrassingly lost control of Scotland to the SNP just eight years after devolution, the leadership of Scottish Labour has changed hands seven times in 14 years.  This was Sarwar's second punt at the leadership, having lost to Leonard in 2017.  That says it all really.  A Pakistani Glaswegian lost to a Yorkshireman back then, but now he is the leader, having defeated a Scots vegetarian with a fear of cats.

The future is not bright for Labour in Scotland.

Latest polling for Holyrood election (Ipsos MORI, 15-21 Feb)

SNP 52% (-3)
Con 23% (+1)
Lab 15% (+1)
LDem 5% (-1)
Green 3% (+2)
Other 2% (+1)

Scottish Labour welcomed Sarwar's victory on Twitter with the hashtag #BuildBackBetter, a slogan used by numerous Western leaders such as Boris Johnson, Joe Biden and Justin Trudeau.  Why would the Labour Party indulge in a slogan used by a Tory Prime Minister?  Well, it also happens to be the slogan of the World Economic Forum's Great Reset programme.

Curiously, the Labour Party have not released the number of votes for each candidate.  It did not do so for the most recent NEC elections either.  This may well suggest that membership numbers are not healthy in the reign of Starmer.  No slogan is going to change that.

Friday 26 February 2021


Labour frontbencher Rosena Allin-Khan has been mocked over two attempts at the same tweet.  In a desperate bid to attack the government, the Tooting MP raked up PPE shortages in the NHS from almost twelve months ago.  In her original tweet Allin-Khan attached an image of a nurse with what appears to be a bin bag draped over her uniform.  This was to illustrate her point that nurses in the NHS were so desperate as to resort to such methods.  Unfortunately for Rosena, this turned out to be a photo of a nurse in Spain (see below).

After eagle-eyed Twitter users identified the photograph's origins and Tory minister Christopher Pincher asked her to confirm it, Allin-Khan deleted the tweet.

However, such was Allin-Khan's desperation to make her point about PPE shortages, she re-wrote the tweet and this time attached two new images (see below).  Unfortunately, she'd got it wrong again.

The picture on the left-hand side of her tweet does not show nurses wearing bin bags.  As many Twitter users pointed out, bin bags do not traditionally come with sleeves!  One user even posted a link to a site where such aprons could be purchased.

Another user questioned both pictures, saying that the picture on the right showed pink aprons and not 'bin bags'.  Donna Stimpson is an ICU nurse, so she should know.

The picture on the right-hand side of Allin-Khan's tweet comes from a BBC report from April 2020, in which it is claimed that the pink plastic sheets are 'bin bags'.  Clearly this casts doubt on the BBC report too.  Incidentally, the photo of the Spanish nurse can be found in the same report, so Allin-Khan had initially passed on the pink 'bin bags' as they weren't convincing enough.

If the use of bin bags was so 'widely documented' as Allin-Khan puts it, she appeared to scrape the barrel in finding evidence of it.  Very poor and very desperate stuff from a bitter individual who earlier this year falsely claimed that the vaccine minister Nadhim Zahawi had jumped the vaccine queue.  He hadn't and she apologised.

Thursday 25 February 2021


Video footage of London's latest murder has been circulating on social media.  16-year-old Drekwon Patterson was stabbed to death in Brent last week, reportedly the capital's fifteenth murder this year.

Murder victims in London are disproportionately from the black community, as are murderers themselves.  In 2018 it was reported that almost half of murder victims and murder suspects in the capital were black, despite black people accounting for just 13 per cent of the population.

So naturally we can assume that the Black Lives Matter organisation has been out on the streets protesting about this.  Wait, no?  Not even a tweet?

There's nothing about Drekwon's murder on the BLM Twitter account.  In fact there's little about any murders carried out in the black community.  Likewise, there is a complete absence of BLM discussion about the black-on-black murder epidemic that continues to blight American cities such as Chicago.  They had nothing to say about the murder of retired police captain David Dorn either, who was killed by looters during the George Floyd riots (sorry, 'peaceful protests').

The only death that appears to have captured the attention of the UK BLM chapter recently is that of Moyied Bashir, a man who died after police were called to his home in Newport.  BLM noted that he was the second young black man to die following 'police contact' in Wales this year.  Mohamud Mohammed Hasan died last month, leading to a BLM protest outside a police station in Cardiff that resulted in missiles being hurled at officers.  Further protests were held over the following days, including one which attracted up to 150 people.  No arrests were made.  Contrast this with the anti-lockdown protests, at which even elderly and disabled demonstrators have been bundled into the back of meat wagons.

As if we didn't know already, BLM don't actually care about black people.  If they did, then they would speak out about the hundreds of black-on-black murders that blight cities like London and Chicago.  They would be asking serious questions about the social issues that lead so many black kids into gangs, instead of finger-pointing and blaming 'white supremacy' for all these ills.

The only deaths that matter in the blinkered eyes of BLM are those which can help it advance the Marxist revolution.  Therefore, instead of focusing on the overwhelming majority of deaths, they home in on the very small fraction of deaths that occur at the hands of the police.  After-all, it is the police who are enemy number one in their minds.  It is the police who stand between them and their Marxist revolution.


The conservative commentator Raheem Kassam has fallen foul of the tech giants yet again, this time with a seven day Twitter ban.  Kassam shared the news on his Gab account (see below).  Note that Twitter has not provided any information on how he violated their rules, therefore no chance for recourse, litigation or how he could possibly avoid such an embargo in future.

Kassam has been repeatedly censored by the tech giants in recent years.  In 2019 he was sent to Facebook jail three times in three months.

He says that the latest ban possibly relates to an article published by his news site The National Pulse, which alleges that members of the Democrat-controlled Congressional Black Caucus have been making trips to China paid for by none other than the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) itself.  This included Marcia Fudge, a congresswoman close to Joe Biden.

Links between the CCP and Joe Biden have long been mooted among conservatives.  When he was asked about human rights abuses in China recently, Biden refused to condemn the regime and instead cited 'cultural differences' as a way to explain the presence of concentration camps!

Democrats spent years trying to frame Trump as a Russian stooge and tech giants never censored a thing.  However, any suggestion of wrongdoing by the Biden camp now is immediately suppressed and censored by Twitter and Facebook, beginning with the outrageous blocking of the Hunter Biden story.

Perhaps Raheem Kassam should count himself lucky.  His political idol Donald Trump and many who followed him will never be seeing the light of day again on Twitter.


Gab (and Parler) are the future of free speech on social media.  Bin The Labour Party are on both, you can follow us below (you'll need to sign up and register an account first)

Wednesday 24 February 2021


The painfully woke headteacher of Howden Junior School in the small Yorkshire town of the same name is symptomatic of the dominance of left-wing culture in our schools.  His decision to ditch traditional house names at his school and replace them with those of modern day lefty activists such as Greta Thunberg has courted controversy, but should come as no great surprise.  This is the direction of travel our schools are going.

Howden's tattooed headteacher Lee Hill

Announcing his decision in a lengthy Twitter thread, Lee Hill confirmed that he was ditching historical British figures such as Sir Francis Drake, Sir Walter Raleigh and Admiral Nelson.  His reason?  Last year he received a solitary email from a former pupil who 'educated' him about their links to racism and slavery.  The email was inspired by the BLM protests that were raging at that time, and had led to the toppling of statues and vandalism of monuments across the United States and Europe.

Hill praised the 'bravery' of the ex-female pupil and confirmed that the school houses would now be renamed after three foreigners and a British footballer - Amanda Gorman (a poet who spoke at Joe Biden's inauguration), Marcus Rashford (of free school meals fame), Greta Thunberg (Swedish eco-brat) and
Malala Yousafzai (Pakistani refugee and activist).

One wonders if those names will be remembered in 300 years time, but if the left-wing domination of our society continues then it stands a very good chance.

Lee Hill has currently retreated to a safe space by locking down his Twitter account in response to an online backlash.  Before he did so, the Daily Mail uncovered a series of tweets attacking the Education Secretary Gavin Williamson, including a meme he boasted about sending to colleagues calling for Williamson's head (literally).  It appears that this passes for humour among Hill's anti-Tory colleagues.

Hill also criticised his neighbours in another tweet, saying he would not clap for carers as his neighbours had clearly not been obedient enough for his liking.

A poll conducted by the Hull Daily Mail suggested that support for Hill's actions was not exactly universally popular...

The eradication of British and European history from our landscape is a Marxist agenda, driven by a desire to remove all symbols of national pride.  A people who have no concept of pride in their own culture or history will much more easily conform to a Marxist way of thinking.  Statues will continue to fall across our lands, names will disappear and flags will burn until hatred consumes society to a point in which the transformation is almost irreversible.

We are already on that slippery slope as it is.


Watch here from noon.


The sinister slogan unveiled by Merseyside Police over the weekend was yet another sign (literally) of how dystopian the nations of the West have become.  While the good citizens of the Wirral were obediently observing their house arrest over the weekend, the Old Bill thought it would be a good idea to drive a billboard around intimidating an already weary population, suggesting that not only were their actions controlled by the state, now their thoughts and opinions were too.  Unfortunately for the PC police, we are not quite there yet.

After a huge backlash against the billboard slogan, a police superintendent claimed that an error had been made: "We would like to clarify that 'being offensive' is not in itself an offence".  Then why say it in the first place?

Being offensive is subjective.  What one person finds offensive, the next person may not.  If such laws are enacted, who will decide what is offensive?

Disturbingly, this crazed Marxist legislation is not far off becoming reality.  The SNP's controversial Hate Crime Bill in Scotland may well kill freedom of speech in that corner of the United Kingdom and where the Scottish socialists go, the Welsh socialists eventually follow.  In any case, freedom of speech is already in grave danger across the Western world thanks to the establishment narrative driven by mainstream media, tech monopolies and the entertainment industry.

Who'd have thought just a few years ago that Facebook and Twitter would grow to become so powerful as to silence the President of the United States and attempt to blackmail the Australian government?  There was also the equally disturbing attack on Parler, a social media app dedicated to upholding free speech - silenced in a co-ordinated assault by Google, Apple and Amazon.

The recent dismissal of actress Gina Carano by Disney is another case in point.  She posted a meme on social media that compared the persecution of modern day conservatives to the demonisation of Jews in 1930s Germany.  This was 'abhorrent' said Disney, but when her colleague Pedro Pascal likened Trump supporters to Nazis they never said a word and his job is safe.

The campaign to close down and bankrupt GB News before it even launches is an example of grassroots censorship, also known as cancel culture.  The left-wing Twitter mob are incensed about the idea that conservative and libertarian voices could launch a station that would disrupt the leftist broadcast monopoly.

Then there is the silencing of debate around coronavirus, with only one set of opinions allowed on existing broadcast media and pop ups that warn users when viewing and sharing Covid material on social media sites (our Facebook pages have been tagged in this way for several weeks).

Who decides what the facts are?  Presumably, they will be the same sort of woke metropolitan elites who will decide what is and isn't offensive as we move into the Great Reset.

We live in truly disturbing times.

Tuesday 23 February 2021


When the news broke today it's fair to say that even we were flabbergasted.  The flu has not just largely disappeared - according to Public Health England it has been eradicated altogether.

There are two problems with this.  Asides from the implausibility of the statement, the reasons given for its disappearance open up a can of worms.  Dr Vanessa Saliba of PHE told The Independent"The decrease in flu cases this year is likely due to changes in our behaviour, such as social distancing, face coverings and handwashing, as well as the reduction in international travel".  This is problematic given that all those measures were brought in to combat coronavirus, and yet during what would normally be the flu season coronavirus has been out of control.  Hmm.  You see the problem?

While the second wave didn't quite live up to the dire predictions of SAGE, incorporating flu deaths has certainly helped prop up the pandemic and justify the lockdown.

The Independent fails to do its journalistic duty in probing the absurdity of their story, instead only promoting the contradictory reasons for it.  Still, at least they covered the story - broadcast media has completely blanked it.

The newspaper goes on to quote Prof Christina Pagel, of University College, London.  She suggested that face masks and other Covid-type restrictions could be implemented each winter in order to keep flu at bay: "I think it’s an unintended consequence of Covid that we’ve realised flu isn’t this unavoidable threat that we thought it was".  How convenient.

SAGE scientists have already warned that face masks could be required each winter to combat coronavirus, with one - Prof John Edmunds - suggesting that face masks and other restrictions could be in place 'forever'.

So if you're celebrating the end of lockdown and a 'return to normality' this summer, think again.  They will use Covid, flu and even climate change to demolish your freedom.


The imposition of face coverings in the school classroom is 'a new low' says TalkRadio's Mark Dolan.  In a scorching monologue, the presenter questioned why our SAGE government are so keen to wreck the lives of our children, on whom the pandemic already weighs a heavy long-term price.

The bizarre timing of the new mandate appears to make no sense.  We have consistently been told that the virus poses little, if any, threat to children.  The mandate also comes at a time in which the virus is in terminal decline, but we've been here before.  Last year's mask mandate for adults also came in at a time when the virus was in steep decline - after the first wave had been and gone.  And if masks were so effective, how come the second wave was bigger than the first?  These are valid questions, but don't expect them to be asked on your television screens.

Click below for Dolan's piece.


It's fair to say Nicola Sturgeon is having a rough time of it at the moment and it's about time.  The mainstream media have largely given her a free ride over the course of the pandemic, with scandal after scandal being brushed aside.  Her persistent absence from COBRA meetings, scientific advisor's second home trips and MP Margaret Ferrier's 800 round trip with Covid are just a few of the incidents that are rarely discussed now, yet it seems we'll be hearing rumblings about Dominic Cummings and Barnard Castle forever.

However, the Alex Salmond saga is not going away and there are plenty of signs her authority is beginning to slip.  The removal of Joanna Cherry from the SNP's frontbench at Westminster led to furious infighting and divisions in the so-called 'nationalist' party were laid bare.  Her authority has been directly challenged again by Police Scotland over her threat to effectively close the border with England, under the guise of Covid policy differences.  The deputy chief constable declared over the weekend: "We are a United Kingdom and to try to intervene with that would not be particularly effective".  That was a brutal slap down and the second time the police have refused to support her border threats.

Sturgeon is also likely to provoke a backlash when she announces her plans to ease the lockdown in Scotland.  She could easily score huge points over Westminster if she ended it more quickly, but this is a socialist we're talking about and if there's anything we know about socialists - they love control.  As with last summer, the lockdowns in Scotland (and Wales) are likely to be even more drawn out than in England.

While the SNP is still almost certain to win again in May's Holyrood elections, its lead has slipped from an all-time high of 39 points back in October, to 31 points.  Similarly, support for Scottish independence has dropped from a record 14 point lead in December to just five points.  Crucially, in the most recent poll 10 per cent were undecided.  It seems that Sturgeon's assured victory in IndyRef2 is no longer set in stone - not that it's going to happen any time soon anyway.

On that note, a huge petition has been building on the UK government's website in opposition to IndyRef2.

Nicola and her phoney nationalists would love to portray this petition as the work of the imperialist English, jam-packed with signatories from Northumberland to Devon.  However, just a cursory glance at the heat map for the petition shows that the overwhelming majority of signatures are from Scotland itself.

In another acute embarrassment for Sturgeon and comrades, the constituencies providing the most signatures are mostly SNP seats (figures correct at time of writing)...

East Renfrewshire 3,076 (SNP)
Edinburgh North & Leith 2,584 (SNP)
Edinburgh West 2,525 (Lib Dem)
East Dunbartonshire 2,428 (SNP)
East Lothian 2,314 (SNP)
Lanark & Hamilton East 2,063 (SNP)
Edinburgh South (Lab) 2,045
Ochil & South Perthshire (SNP) 2,039
Stirling 1,926 (SNP)
Aberdeen South 1,923 (SNP)
Central Ayrshire 1,842 (SNP)

The Unionist cause in Scotland is far from dead.  Long live Great Britain.

Sunday 21 February 2021


but not for Labour councillor Aftab Razaq who appears to have left the country in order to attend a wedding in Pakistan.  Photos of Cllr Razaq appeared on Facebook last weekend tagging him at a restaurant and a function room in Pakistan, showing him posing for group photos and mingling with guests.

Cllr Razaq is still reportedly in Pakistan, but it's not clear how he flew out of the country given that current UK rules forbid foreign travel except for 'legally permitted reasons'.  It's not clear what those reasons are, but the Manchester Evening News quotes a relative at Razaq's Manchester home as saying he was 'out of the country at a family funeral'.  That's probably the same reason Razaq provided for his departure from the UK.

Cllr Razaq represents the Whalley Range ward on Manchester City Council.  He was suspended from the Labour group on Friday, but remains a Labour member while an investigation is carried out.  Neither Labour or the media have yet been able to contact Razaq.

Cllr Suzannah Reeves, chief whip of the Manchester Labour group, says that the photos suggest that Cllr Razaq has broken both UK and Pakistan coronavirus rules.  They may also want to look into exactly how he managed to get a Covid vaccine before he travelled to Pakistan.  A photo posted on Facebook on January 31 shows him receiving the jab, despite being aged just 52.


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