Saturday 20 February 2021


The UK government's despicable 'look into their eyes' advertising campaign is a mockery of the British public, primarily those who continue to live in fear of their own shadow.  The adverts were released at a time when the virus was already in terminal decline and after the NHS had survived the supposed 'overwhelming'.  The NHS had been so close to being overwhelmed in fact that only two of the ten multi-million pound Nightingale hospitals were reactivated (only two had admitted any patients during the first wave).

Just over a month ago the UK recorded its record daily death toll (within 28 days of a positive test), but that 1,820 figure seems so distant now as the UK is currently reporting a daily death toll in the mid hundreds (within 28 days of a positive test).  A cursory glance at the government's coronavirus dashboard shows that cases, deaths and hospital admissions have been in free-fall for several weeks, so why push the scare tactics at such a horrifying level when the virus is in such sharp decline?  Perhaps for the same reason that face coverings were mandated after the first wave, a similarly mind-boggling decision.

That reason is fear.  People who are afraid are easier to control, more compliant and passive, except to those who who aren't compliant.

The government advert naturally fails to address the other victims of this pandemic - the unemployed, the business owners, the people on NHS waiting lists and those who are simply at the end of their tether, some of whom will sadly end their lives rather than suffer another day of this lockdown, let alone months.  Neither the UK government or the devolved administrations have given any hope to people.  Instead we are subjected to daily threats of vaccine passports, mandatory testing, perpetual face coverings, travel bans, fines and imprisonment.

Thankfully someone has produced a parody of the government advert.  This ought to have gone viral, but the fact that it hasn't undoubtedly owes to big tech's tight grip on material that is sceptical of government lockdowns.  Click below for the video.