Thursday 18 February 2021


With Bond-type villain Klaus Schwab publicly declaring the intentions of the globalist cabal, many are asking if the lockdown model of coronavirus will be deployed again and again - and not just on the grounds of a virus.  The news that Bill Gates is now the biggest single owner of farmland in the United States should also set alarm bells ringing, particularly as he has released a new book urging the West to ditch meat for a 'synthetic' substitute.  These creeps have a disturbing vision for our world and have seized on the pandemic as a way to achieve it.

For those who follow the mainstream media narrative that this is all conspiracy theory mumbo jumbo, it's not a theory if all the information is already in the public domain.  The World Economic Forum has made no secret of its intentions.  Click here, here or here and there's plenty more if people cared to look beyond the BBC and Sky News.

The globalists of Schwab, Gates, Bezos, Zuckerberg, Biden and co want to establish this new world order by the end of this decade, something that does sound implausible and pie in the sky.  Then again, if someone had told you two years ago that right now people across the Western world aka the 'free world' would be living in a dystopian society where we are were all imprisoned on the grounds of a virus that has a 99 per cent survival rate - you would have laughed out loud.

Paul Joseph Watson discusses the possibility of 'climate lockdowns' in one of his latest videos.  You don't think they'd do it?  It is currently 'illegal' to leave the UK for anything other than reasons permitted by the government.  If that doesn't disturb you then you deserve the Great Reset.

Click below or watch on YouTube.

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