Thursday 25 February 2021


The conservative commentator Raheem Kassam has fallen foul of the tech giants yet again, this time with a seven day Twitter ban.  Kassam shared the news on his Gab account (see below).  Note that Twitter has not provided any information on how he violated their rules, therefore no chance for recourse, litigation or how he could possibly avoid such an embargo in future.

Kassam has been repeatedly censored by the tech giants in recent years.  In 2019 he was sent to Facebook jail three times in three months.

He says that the latest ban possibly relates to an article published by his news site The National Pulse, which alleges that members of the Democrat-controlled Congressional Black Caucus have been making trips to China paid for by none other than the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) itself.  This included Marcia Fudge, a congresswoman close to Joe Biden.

Links between the CCP and Joe Biden have long been mooted among conservatives.  When he was asked about human rights abuses in China recently, Biden refused to condemn the regime and instead cited 'cultural differences' as a way to explain the presence of concentration camps!

Democrats spent years trying to frame Trump as a Russian stooge and tech giants never censored a thing.  However, any suggestion of wrongdoing by the Biden camp now is immediately suppressed and censored by Twitter and Facebook, beginning with the outrageous blocking of the Hunter Biden story.

Perhaps Raheem Kassam should count himself lucky.  His political idol Donald Trump and many who followed him will never be seeing the light of day again on Twitter.


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