Wednesday 3 February 2021


Dan Wootton is joining Andrew Neil's channel

News that Dan Wootton will be joining the hotly anticipated GB News channel is another marker to suggest Andrew Neil's project will be something a little bit different.  Wootton is a vocal lockdown sceptic who has used his TalkRadio slot to promote views that are rarely heard on mainstream broadcasters.  He is leaving both TalkRadio and The Sun to host a daily show on GB News, although we still have no launch date for the channel.

Andrew Neil has also boasted of more than a thousand job applications in the last week, including an 'impressive calibre of talent from established broadcasters'.  He is clearly enjoying trolling the mainstream media, who will naturally be bricking it at the thought of a right-leaning news competitor.  The fact that The Guardian smears GB News on a regular basis is also a good sign of things to come.  It hasn't even got a launch date or an official logo and the left is in meltdown.

Finally, the left-wing pro-EU pro-globalist protection racket that is the British broadcast media is about to end.  Amen.