Tuesday 23 February 2021


The imposition of face coverings in the school classroom is 'a new low' says TalkRadio's Mark Dolan.  In a scorching monologue, the presenter questioned why our SAGE government are so keen to wreck the lives of our children, on whom the pandemic already weighs a heavy long-term price.

The bizarre timing of the new mandate appears to make no sense.  We have consistently been told that the virus poses little, if any, threat to children.  The mandate also comes at a time in which the virus is in terminal decline, but we've been here before.  Last year's mask mandate for adults also came in at a time when the virus was in steep decline - after the first wave had been and gone.  And if masks were so effective, how come the second wave was bigger than the first?  These are valid questions, but don't expect them to be asked on your television screens.

Click below for Dolan's piece.