Wednesday 17 February 2021


The pro-totalitarian bias of the mainstream media was in full swing on Good Morning Britain this week as young conservative commentator Dominique Samuels was ambushed in a pile-on.  Samuels had been called in to provide a libertarian voice amid discontent over the government's covert plan to introduce vaccine passports (also known as freedom passes).  However, the head-to-head debate between Dominique and opponent Darryl Morris was insidiously transformed into an all-out attack on the 22-year-old.  Presenter Kate Garraway couldn't contain her hostility towards Samuels and what was clearly two against one became three against one when a third participant was introduced into the debate out of the blue.

While Dominique held her own amid the increasingly aggressive tone of Garraway, the bias was there for all to see, and although loudmouth lockdown enthusiast Piers Morgan was not present, he still made his feelings known via Twitter...

And Morgan calls himself a 'liberal'.

You can watch the full exchange below (bearing in mind that despite what the presenters say, it has already been proven that the government awarded a contract for the development of freedom passes back in November).

Samuels received little support in the print media, with The Sun suggesting she somehow caused Kate Garraway to have a 'sleepless night' amid her husband's ongoing battle with coronavirus.  That's low.