Friday 19 February 2021


Despite only turning 50 last October, Sadiq Khan received his first Covid jab on Friday - and in true Khan fashion he made a grand spectacle of it.  He was accompanied to his vaccination by photographers and a film crew, while staff crowded around him to be part of the publicity.  Following his jab he recorded a promo video and appeared on broadcast media including Sky News, ITV and the BBC.  He also tweeted and retweeted about his jab no less than 42 times at the time of writing.

Khan was vaccinated at a church in Mitcham and used that fact to plug his 'strength in diversity' message.  Yes Sadiq, remind us about it next time the riots erupt.

In addition to the astonishing number of tweets via his two Twitter accounts, Khan also posted seven times on Facebook and three times on his Instagram accounts.  How ironic that Sadiq has turned into an even greater narcissist than his old antagonist Donald Trump.

The Mayor reportedly qualified for his vaccination via priority group 4 due to 'severe asthma' - quite remarkable given his enthusiasm for face muzzles.  We may never know if his efforts will have any impact on the uptake of the vaccine in London, but a stuck record is more likely to have the opposite effect.