Saturday 13 February 2021


It's been a rough year on the comedy circuit, with comedians forced to raise their social media game and plead for donations.  One of those who has made the best of a bad situation has been former mainstream comic Andrew Lawrence.  He was excommunicated from TV and radio in 2015 after criticising the dominance of left-wing metropolitan types on the circuit.  What was once seen as 'alternative comedy' is now the only accepted form of comedy at the likes of the BBC.

Despite his exile, Lawrence continued to tour - until the pandemic.  However, that hasn't stopped him from producing some sharp-witted commentary on proceedings, with almost daily videos posted to his social media accounts.  Much of his comedy is now presented through a variety of characters, including Brian ShithouseJohnny Smugface and Constable Peter Pisspot.  He's also produced some hilarious shorts as Joe Biden and the twat formerly known as Prince Harry, in addition to mocking Antifa.

One of his most recent videos featured another of his caricatures - Keith Cuntabout - based on the almost extinct demographic that is the working class Cockney.  With commentary about the Great Reset and its insidious agenda, anti-lockdown Keith is clearly not as daft as his coarse dialect suggests.  Clever stuff from Lawrence - watch below or on YouTube.

For the full selection of Andrew Lawrence videos, please click here.  You can also follow him on Facebook.