Wednesday 24 February 2021


The sinister slogan unveiled by Merseyside Police over the weekend was yet another sign (literally) of how dystopian the nations of the West have become.  While the good citizens of the Wirral were obediently observing their house arrest over the weekend, the Old Bill thought it would be a good idea to drive a billboard around intimidating an already weary population, suggesting that not only were their actions controlled by the state, now their thoughts and opinions were too.  Unfortunately for the PC police, we are not quite there yet.

After a huge backlash against the billboard slogan, a police superintendent claimed that an error had been made: "We would like to clarify that 'being offensive' is not in itself an offence".  Then why say it in the first place?

Being offensive is subjective.  What one person finds offensive, the next person may not.  If such laws are enacted, who will decide what is offensive?

Disturbingly, this crazed Marxist legislation is not far off becoming reality.  The SNP's controversial Hate Crime Bill in Scotland may well kill freedom of speech in that corner of the United Kingdom and where the Scottish socialists go, the Welsh socialists eventually follow.  In any case, freedom of speech is already in grave danger across the Western world thanks to the establishment narrative driven by mainstream media, tech monopolies and the entertainment industry.

Who'd have thought just a few years ago that Facebook and Twitter would grow to become so powerful as to silence the President of the United States and attempt to blackmail the Australian government?  There was also the equally disturbing attack on Parler, a social media app dedicated to upholding free speech - silenced in a co-ordinated assault by Google, Apple and Amazon.

The recent dismissal of actress Gina Carano by Disney is another case in point.  She posted a meme on social media that compared the persecution of modern day conservatives to the demonisation of Jews in 1930s Germany.  This was 'abhorrent' said Disney, but when her colleague Pedro Pascal likened Trump supporters to Nazis they never said a word and his job is safe.

The campaign to close down and bankrupt GB News before it even launches is an example of grassroots censorship, also known as cancel culture.  The left-wing Twitter mob are incensed about the idea that conservative and libertarian voices could launch a station that would disrupt the leftist broadcast monopoly.

Then there is the silencing of debate around coronavirus, with only one set of opinions allowed on existing broadcast media and pop ups that warn users when viewing and sharing Covid material on social media sites (our Facebook pages have been tagged in this way for several weeks).

Who decides what the facts are?  Presumably, they will be the same sort of woke metropolitan elites who will decide what is and isn't offensive as we move into the Great Reset.

We live in truly disturbing times.