Monday 1 February 2021


We very much hope this will be a monthly feature on our YouTube channel, showcasing some of the best cartoons from each month.  It's something that had been suggested some time ago, but with the last day of the month falling on a Sunday, Karl finally had time to do it.  The content will not be for everyone and our inaugural 'cartoon of the month' is sure to rattle a few lockdown enthusiasts, but in our opinion Bob Moran has encapsulated the lockdown nightmare very very appropriately.

Watch below or on YouTube.

As some have commented over the past year, our cartoon selections are often Labour-light.  This is very true, but it is through no fault of our own.  Since Corbyn vacated the leadership, political cartoonists have not exactly been enthralled by the eminently dull Starmer.  If he appeared in more than one toon last month then we missed it.  He's a total non-entity.