Thursday 11 February 2021


The hashtag #DrawSirKeirStarmer trended briefly on Twitter earlier this week thanks to Guardian cartoonist Martin Rowson.  His challenge was taken up by plenty of budding artists, some of which put Rowson's own shambolic pieces in The Guardian to shame...

By Pete Songi
By Martin Rowson
By Nick Williams
Another effort from Nick Williams
By Peppy Scott
By Dom Richards
By Joe Lawrence
By Andrew Mortimer
Starmer depicted as Two-Face by Twitter user Small Black Lines
The first in a trio of Covid-inspired cartoons from Saffron Swires.  It's definitely
Rayner, Miliband and Thornberry, but David Lammy looks more like Sajid
Javid and is that meant to be Lisa Nandy?
Starmer and his deputy
Keir and his wife, or is that Rayner again?
By Twitter user Elizabeth
By Twitter user Tiduswins
By Kathryn Lamb
David Waywell's effort has it all going on, with spots for Corbyn, Rayner, Blair,
Johnson and Lord Falconer bearing a Covid gift (nice touch)
Inspired by a Swedish flat packed furniture store, this awesome series is by Nick Murza