Tuesday 9 February 2021


The most boring man on the hard left has quit the Labour Party, not that many people will notice.  Aaron Bastani claims that his decision was 'nothing to do with policy or politics', despite having spent the last few months laying into Starmer's leadership.  It was merely a 'professional choice' says the co-founder of commie news outlet Novara Media.  However, the Jewish Chronicle claims that Bastani quit after being alerted to a party probe into his conduct.  In a quote attributed to him by the JC, Bastani appears to suggest that he had either already been suspended or that such action was imminent: "The idea that a journalist and member of the Labour Party would be suspended at the drop of a hat suggests deep seated problems inside the party in bringing together the kind of coalition that won Joe Biden the presidency last year".

Bastani pre-empted the newspaper report by tweeting that claims of his suspension were 'complete nonsense' and attached his resignation email to back up his side of the story.  The email had been sent 'a while back' he added.  Not saying that Aaron is technologically retarded, but he appears to have printed off his email, redacted the recipient's name in marker pen and then scanned it back into his computer before uploading to Twitter!  Surely a senior editor at Novara Media has access to image editing software, no?

Bastani is perhaps best known for lashing out at the Poppy Appeal and promoting his concept of 'fully automated luxury communism'.  His dream may not be far off becoming a reality if the Great Reset comes to fruition.  That will only happen if ordinary people continue to slumber their way into it by embracing reset propaganda such as Covid lockdowns and the 'climate change emergency' to follow.