Monday 31 January 2022


Much to the delight of lefty Covid bedwetters everywhere, Reclaim's Laurence Fox has contracted the Wuhan virus.  Unfortunately for the haters, Fox has almost fully recovered after just three days and has been rubbing their noses in it on Twitter.  The vaccine critic delivered a typically deadpan rebuke in a live video (see below).

Fox has since confirmed that in addition to Panadol and 'hot toddies', he is taking Ivermectin.  The mere utterance of Ivermectin has inevitably led to accusations he is taking 'horse de-wormer', as happened to US talk show host Joe Rogan last year.  Rogan had actually been prescribed Ivermectin by his doctor, as have millions of people around the world for several decades.  Fox says he bought his dose 'over the counter' during a holiday in Mexico last year.

The establishment is so obsessed with Covid vaccination that any suggestion of a treatment is ridiculed.  Even the proven benefits of vitamin C, D and zinc have not been promoted during the pandemic.  Meanwhile, there were another four medical emergencies at football matches over the weekend, including the death of a Fulham fan.  This is not normal.


Labour's embattled MP for Canterbury says she is considering quitting the party.  Rosie Duffield (pictured) has been the focus of sustained harassment from the hard left and trans activists over her feminist views.  In a thread posted on Twitter (see below), Duffield said she was considering her future in the party 'very carefully'.

24 hours has since passed and no further statement has been issued.  While some have speculated that she may cross the floor to the Conservatives, this is highly unlikely given her stance on various issues including staunch opposition to Brexit, a visceral hatred of Donald Trump and a commitment to open borders.  

If she does quit Labour she will effectively be forsaking her place on the Westminster gravy train at the next election.  However, if she defended her seat as an independent she could potentially tip the ultra marginal back to the Tories as an act of vengeance.  Up until 2017 Canterbury had been blue since the First World War.

If Duffield quits no-one can blame her.  As she alludes in her Twitter thread, she has received no support from the leadership of either Corbyn or Starmer.  When the issue blew up last year Starmer failed to back her and suggested it was wrong to say only women have a cervix.  Duffield later confirmed she would not be attending the party conference due to 'safety concerns'.

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Sunday 30 January 2022


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The red flags of the Communist Party of Britain were among the banners on display in Telford on Saturday as Antifa marched against the presence of Tommy Robinson.  Robinson was in Telford to premiere his documentary 'The Rape of Britain', which exposes Muslim grooming gangs at large in the Shropshire town.  By marching against Robinson in these circumstances, the far left have by proxy allied themselves with these disgusting rape gangs.  Left-wing historian Dr Louise Raw even told the crowd that grooming gangs were 'not a Muslim problem'.

Much of the chants that went up from the protesters revolved around refugees, which had little if anything to do with Robinson's message.  They also chanted "We are Telford" and "Our streets", as if to imply they were local people opposed to an outsider who had strayed into 'their town'.  However, as can clearly be seen from various banners on display, it was very much the left that had parachuted themselves in.  Large 'Stand Up To Racism' banners from Birmingham and the Black Country, alongside others from Coventry, Wolverhampton, Walsall and Dudley, suggested that the bulk of the protest had travelled up to 50 miles away from the West Midlands.

In a desperate attempt to smear their opponents the Antifa group tweeted a photo of a man it claimed was making a 'Nazi salute'.  His palm is facing towards his body in a motion more reminiscent of the royal wave and judging by the overwhelming majority of the comments on this tweet, it seems that even Antifa's supporters were not convinced by the ridiculous assertion.

Of course it goes without saying that the far left rabble were overwhelmingly white middle class misfits and despite being outdoors many of them were still wearing face masks.

Couldn't smash his way out of a paper bag

Robinson's documentary exposing the Telford grooming gang can be seen here.

Saturday 29 January 2022


This week's monologue from the Coast Guy revolves around a letter he received from a woman who has attempted to extract her family from the vaccine tyranny that has gripped the West.  The brave unnamed woman wrote: "Nothing stays the same, but there are to be found some absolute truths that are worth standing and fighting for".  Indeed.

Neil confesses that he too considered an escape for he and his family, but the globalised nature of the beast made it all too impossible.  Where to, if everywhere else is afflicted by the same madness?

Our Scottish hero then appears to take a bizarre diversion into tales of space exploration, but he somehow brings it back around neatly to the fight for liberty - specifically the Canadian truckers who have driven the Canadian tyrant Justin Trudeau into hiding.

Click below for the full nine minute and 29 second piece in all its glory.

Friday 28 January 2022


Just three by-elections this week, all Conservative defences taking place in the Garden of England.  All three were safe Tory seats and remain so, with varying results.  While their share of the vote dipped in two of the seats, it went up considerably in the other - appearing to benefit from the absence of a UKIP candidate this time.  No sign of any 'Labour surge' judging by these results...

Maypole & Leyton Cross, Dartford Borough Council

Con: 334 (63.1%) -21.1%
Grn: 76 (14.4%) New
Lab: 65 (12.3%) -3.5%
LDem: 54 (10.2%) New


Wilmington, Sutton-at-Hone and Hawley, Dartford Borough Council

Con: 996 (67.8%) +16.9%
Lab: 272 (18.5%) +5.0%
LDem: 200 (13.6%) New


Wilmington, Kent County Council

Con: 1,787 (57.9%) -14.5%
Lab: 613 (19.9%) -0.1%
LDem: 487 (15.8%) New
Grn: 200 (6.5%) -1.1%


Wednesday 26 January 2022

Monday 24 January 2022


Tabloid photos printed over the weekend suggest Angela Rayner has been doing the dirty with married MP colleague Sam Tarry.  Rayner was pictured leaving her London home alongside the former Momentum activist and now MP for Ilford South.  Labour's deputy leader looked like a ten bob prostitute from the waste down, but her hair was immaculate - as per usual.  Tarry opted for a Peaky Blinders look (see below).

Angela Rayner and Sam Tarry outside her London flat

According to The Sun, Tarry is separated from his wife and two children.  With a humorous headline of 'SCUM BACK TO MINE', the newspaper suggests that the affair has been going on for some time and accuses Rayner of hypocrisy after she previously lashed out at Matt Hancock over his extra-marital shenanigans.

Tarry is one of the few hard left MPs to sit on Starmer's front bench, in a shadow ministerial role for buses and local transport.  He was one of Corbyn's far left intake of 2019, having been selected for a safe London seat.  With Rayner's ongoing feud with Starmer and her apparent ambitions for his job, it will be interesting to see if she shifts further to the left under Tarry's influence.  Could we one day see Corbyn light running the Labour shit show?

Sunday 23 January 2022


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