Friday 21 January 2022


Five council seats were up for grabs this week in four by-elections.  All seats were held (three Labour, one Tory) except for a free-for-all in North Yorkshire.  That seat went to the Conservatives in a narrow eight vote win after the incumbent Yorkshire Party failed to put anyone up to defend the seat.

In Charnwood, Leicestershire there were two seats on offer after the death of one Labour councillor and the resignation of another.  It was an easy hold for Labour over the second placed Conservative who  intriguingly only fielded one candidate.  UKIP and the British Democratic Party did not field candidates this time.

Labour held in East Lothian, while the Tories held in East Lindsey, Lincolnshire.  Labour and the Skegness Urban District Society did not field candidates in the latter.

Loughborough Shelthorpe, Charnwood Borough Council

(two seats)

Lab: 709
Lab: 654
Con: 311
Ind: 149
LDem: 136
Grn: 108
LDem: 104
Grn: 81

Lab HOLD (both seats)

Chapel St Leonards, East Lindsey District Council

Con: 436 (62.0%) -5.4%
Ind: 267 (38.0%) +33.1%


Preston, Seton & Gosford, East Lothian Council

(first preference votes)

Lab: 1,793 (38.5%) -4.2%
SNP: 1,217 (26.2%) -1.4%
Con: 1,154 (24.8%) +0.7%
Grn: 231 (5.0%) +1.9%
LDem: 136 (2.9%) +0.5%
Ind: 122 (2.6%) New

Lab HOLD (elected at stage 5)

Byram & Brotherton, Selby District Council

Con: 215 (48.1%) +13.4%
Lab: 207 (46.3%) +26.2%
Grn: 25 (5.6%) New

Con GAIN from Yorks


Lab = Labour
Con = Conservative
LDem = Liberal Democrat
Grn = Green
SNP = Scottish National Party
Yorks = Yorkshire Party
Ind = Independents