Friday 7 January 2022


On the day before his latest Covid isolation, Keir Starmer gave a speech in Birmingham.  Stood in front of two Union flags, the Labour leader made his latest empty sales pitch to the electorate.  The latest buzz words of nothingness were 'security, prosperity and respect'.  Starmer said these would form the basis of a 'contract' between Labour and the electorate.  Having witnessed Starmer routinely rubber stamp the UK government's tyrannical Covid restrictions, the electorate can be certain that a Starmer government would give them anything but security, prosperity and respect.

Starmer's establishment credentials are not in any doubt.  He is given an easy ride compared to his predecessor and currently looks set to 'win' the next election by default - with increasingly disillusioned Tory voters likely to stay at home.  The direction in which Britain would head under a Starmer premiership really doesn't differ much, if at all, from the direction in which we are currently headed.  Since the start of the pandemic Johnson has very much been re-moulded by Blairite globalists, abandoning his libertarian values.  As such, it came as no great surprise to see Blair himself anointed in the New Year's honours, a move that has been applauded by none other than Starmer himself.

Going against the national grain on Blair's knighthood, Starmer has twice publicly endorsed the move this week.  On Good Morning Britain (see below), he gave a glowing account of Blair's 'achievements' as PM.

Asked about his Blairite credentials after his speech in Birmingham, Starmer declared that Blair had 'earned' his honour.

Starmer is under Blair's thumb just as much as Johnson.  If Johnson survives in his current post and faces Starmer at the next election, it will be one of the most depressing choices the electorate has ever faced.  In fact, it will be no choice at all.