Monday 31 January 2022


Much to the delight of lefty Covid bedwetters everywhere, Reclaim's Laurence Fox has contracted the Wuhan virus.  Unfortunately for the haters, Fox has almost fully recovered after just three days and has been rubbing their noses in it on Twitter.  The vaccine critic delivered a typically deadpan rebuke in a live video (see below).

Fox has since confirmed that in addition to Panadol and 'hot toddies', he is taking Ivermectin.  The mere utterance of Ivermectin has inevitably led to accusations he is taking 'horse de-wormer', as happened to US talk show host Joe Rogan last year.  Rogan had actually been prescribed Ivermectin by his doctor, as have millions of people around the world for several decades.  Fox says he bought his dose 'over the counter' during a holiday in Mexico last year.

The establishment is so obsessed with Covid vaccination that any suggestion of a treatment is ridiculed.  Even the proven benefits of vitamin C, D and zinc have not been promoted during the pandemic.  Meanwhile, there were another four medical emergencies at football matches over the weekend, including the death of a Fulham fan.  This is not normal.