Monday 24 January 2022


Tabloid photos printed over the weekend suggest Angela Rayner has been doing the dirty with married MP colleague Sam Tarry.  Rayner was pictured leaving her London home alongside the former Momentum activist and now MP for Ilford South.  Labour's deputy leader looked like a ten bob prostitute from the waste down, but her hair was immaculate - as per usual.  Tarry opted for a Peaky Blinders look (see below).

Angela Rayner and Sam Tarry outside her London flat

According to The Sun, Tarry is separated from his wife and two children.  With a humorous headline of 'SCUM BACK TO MINE', the newspaper suggests that the affair has been going on for some time and accuses Rayner of hypocrisy after she previously lashed out at Matt Hancock over his extra-marital shenanigans.

Tarry is one of the few hard left MPs to sit on Starmer's front bench, in a shadow ministerial role for buses and local transport.  He was one of Corbyn's far left intake of 2019, having been selected for a safe London seat.  With Rayner's ongoing feud with Starmer and her apparent ambitions for his job, it will be interesting to see if she shifts further to the left under Tarry's influence.  Could we one day see Corbyn light running the Labour shit show?