Wednesday 30 June 2021


24 hours prior to last Saturday's huge anti-lockdown protest in London, a smaller group of protesters targeted the constituency office of the member for Holborn and St Pancras.  Sir Keir wasn't in, as one of the protesters explained to Resistance GB, but this determined bunch said they would protest outside his office every Friday afternoon and encouraged others to do the same outside their local MPs' offices too.  The absence of MPs would be 'weaponised' and their part in the never-ending lockdown would be explained to their constituents, many of whom still rely on mainstream media as a source of information.

The censored word in the video is 'vaccine'.  YouTube does not allow criticism of Covid vaccines, no matter how many people are killed by them.  Please do give Resistance GB a like and a follow, they are on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Gab and Instagram.


Labour are desperately trying to cling onto the Muslim vote in Batley and Spen with one day until voters go to the polls.  With George Galloway set to divide or even take the majority of the Muslim votes up for grabs, Thursday could herald the beginning of yet another exodus of Labour voters.  The party has long taken Muslim votes for granted, a fact alluded to when their candidate Kim Leadbeater was confronted last week.  It follows a long line of demographics that have deserted Labour since they lost power eleven years ago - Scottish voters, working class voters, the north of England, north Wales and the Midlands.  

The party has just realised that Muslim voters could be about to abandon the party, but it's probably already too late.  A flurry of Labour leaflets appeared this week aimed directly at Muslim voters, but the material has led to accusations that the party is stoking divisions between Asian communities.  On the leaflets is a picture of Boris Johnson meeting Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is a Hindu nationalist.  With a bullet point complaining about 'human rights abuses' in Kashmir, it is pretty clear what the intention of the leaflet is (see below).

In Batley itself the Hindu population outnumbers Muslims and the presence of the leaflet has not gone down well with people of Indian descent.  Desperation has clearly led to a dreadful campaign error and the party is now being accused of BNP-style tactics.  Tory MP Kevin Hollinrake said: "It is desperate stuff.  Kim Leadbeater has made some very sensible comments in the past week about stopping all this division.  Now she is fuelling that same division.  It is deeply divisive".  Another Tory MP, David Morris, said Keir Starmer should disown the literature and apologise: "It is deeply disappointing to see Labour resort to dog-whistle politics in the by-election campaign.  It stokes division, it is hateful and makes a mockery of the kindler, gentler politics Labour claim they want to pursue.  Sir Keir Starmer must disown these leaflets and apologise for them.  If he doesn't then it shows that he is happy to sit back and pander to the politics of division in a desperate bid to hang on to the seat and avoid his own leadership challenge".

Furthermore, if Muslim voters cared to look into Modi's past associations they would also find prominent Labour figures have also enjoyed his company...


Watch here from noon.


Tuesday's big news story (prior to the football) was a manufactured storm in a teacup to say the least.  The grainy footage of two morons accosting Professor Chris Whitty in a park was denounced by politicians, celebrities and journalists alike.  Before we analyse this further, if you haven't seen the footage then please click below.

As to why the footage is so blurry is not clear.  One of the men looks and sounds remarkably similar to stand-up comedian and prankster Lee Nelson, a chav caricature whose real name is Simon Brodkin.  Perhaps this explains the poor quality and he will let us all in on the 'joke' at a later date?

Of course the video is far from funny, but if anything it is cringeworthy as opposed to something sinister or violent - yet that is how the establishment has portrayed it.  Boris Johnson described the men as 'thugs' and called the incident 'despicable harassment'.  The vaccines minister Nadhim Zarhawi echoed his description and said: "This is disgusting and these thugs must be found and charged".  For what?  Getting a bit lairy?  As news emerged that the Met's finest were investigating the incident as an 'assault' (yes, seriously), Keir Starmer added: "The police are right to investigate this harassment".

The media whipped up the story further with lurid headlines describing how Whitty was 'put in a headlock' and 'attacked'.  One wonders how they would have portrayed it if there wasn't video footage.  Some news outlets have even managed to conflate the incident with lockdown scepticism, suggesting that it was somehow related to anger over Whitty's conduct during the pandemic.

It all sounds a bit over the top for what appears to be a couple of possibly inebriated young men looking for a selfie with someone they've seen on TV.  That doesn't make it any less unpleasant, but criminal?  No, this has been a sinister exercise in protecting the establishment from any form of criticism, despite the horrific reality of what it is they have perpetrated over the last 15 months.

Tuesday 29 June 2021


The appointment of Sajid Javid changes everything, apparently.  Unfortunately, that is according to a mainstream media that has lied throughout this pandemic.  While the early sentiment expressed by him is world's away from the despotic Hancock, there is little evidence to back up media claims that he is a bona fide lockdown sceptic.  Firstly, he has never been a member of the backbench Covid Recovery Group of anti-lockdown MPs and has always supported the government on Covid restrictions.  Secondly, all of the soundbites attributed to him on Monday are worthless as we have heard it all before - time and time again.  The UK government is the epitome of the boy who cried wolf.  Whether it's Christmas, Easter, summer or June 21, we have learned that when they dangle the carrot of liberty before our eyes it is a lie.

When Javid says there is 'no reason to go beyond July 19' he's not wrong, but Johnson made exactly the same noises up to a week before June 21.  If there is no reason for a July 19 delay, what exactly are the reasons why this can't end tomorrow?  Why didn't it end on June 21?  Why didn't it end months ago when the at risk groups were vaccinated, as had previously been indicated by Hancock?

The truth is that this won't end unless we make it happen ourselves.  The huge march in London on Saturday will have sent a message, but it was only the latest march in a series of mass rallies this year.  It is not enough.  We need to unmask now, businesses need to open up and restrictions must be abolished en masse.  If we as a people truly yearn for our freedom then we would reclaim it, and there is little that the authorities could do to stop us.  If every nightclub reopened and thousands of youngsters piled in on Friday night, the police would not be able to control that situation, especially if on the same night every pub and restaurant announced that they were to abolish restrictions on their premises.  We can do this - if we really want it.

NOTE:  This is an endorsement of the message, not the party.  BTLP remains non-partisan, as always.

Monday 28 June 2021


There was a tense stand-off in Batley over the weekend as another rally took place on Saturday.  Unlike last Thursday's peaceful rally hosted by the Reclaim Party, the event staged by the For Britain Movement brought out a crowd of leftist so-called 'anti-fascists'.  The leader of For Britain is standing in this Thursday's by-election.  Police said 400 people were involved in the rally and counter-protest and three arrests were made, although the two sides were successfully kept apart.

The counter-protest had been organised by 'Stand Up To Racism', a group linked to the Labour Party.  Diane Abbott is its president, while Labour peer Baroness Blower is vice chair.  Stand Up To Racism had tried to stoke disorder by whipping up activists with the claim that the founder of the English Defence League would be attending the For Britain rally.  In the end there was no sign of Tommy Robinson and the assorted band of leftists claimed 'victory' by saying they had 'scared him off'.  He had undoubtedly never intended to be there anyway.

Among the flags, placards and banners at the counter-protest were the red flags of communism, including the hammer and sickle of the Communist Party of Britain (see below).

These people are not simply ordinary citizens concerned about the supposed rise of right-wing populists, they are political extremists who support an ideology responsible for more death and misery than anything the right has perpetuated.  Antifa are not merely anti-fascists, they are communists.


On many occasions during the latter stages of this pandemic we have shifted focus away from Labour and to the Tory government in Westminster.  They have behaved atrociously and continue to do so without any hint of shame - as do, it must be said, their socialist counterparts in Edinburgh and Cardiff.  So when any of our disgraceful overlords finally get a comeuppance it's worth broadcasting.  Step forward Trevor Phillips, who shamed the Northern Ireland Secretary on Sunday in a very powerful and emotive interview.

The full interview can be seen below and what's interesting to note is that this is not GB News - this is Sky News.  The lockdown narrative may be shifting, finally...

The contemptible responses of Brandon Lewis during this interview tell you everything you need to know about how you are perceived by government.  You are ants to them.  Remember this, always.

Sunday 27 June 2021


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Saturday 26 June 2021


Watch live footage from today's anti-lockdown 'March for Freedom' below, courtesy of Reform UK.


Labour's candidate in Batley and Spen was confronted by an angry Muslim activist on Friday who had travelled over a hundred miles to say his piece.  Kim Leadbeater was campaigning outside a local mosque in the constituency when the incident occurred.  Accompanied by Bradford West MP Naz Shah, Leadbeater endured a torrid few minutes as the man raged about Kashmir and accused Labour of taking Muslim votes for granted.  Shah stepped in to try and defuse the situation, but the man - who freely admitted he had travelled all the way from Birmingham - was having none of it.  The video ends in Leadbeater storming off.

The above video was posted online by an Islamist news site, but there is a distinct cut in the footage.  The section that has been edited out shows the man ranting about LGBT education in schools.  Another angle posted online shows this part and also shows the man confronting Leadbeater again as she gets into her car.  Watch below and note his smile as he walks away having said his final bit - his whole persona of outrage appears to be purely theatrics and worthy of an acting award!

We have encountered this Islamist before on these pages.  Click here to see footage of him confronting Birmingham Yardley MP Jess Phillips back in May 2019.  His name is Shakeel Afsar and he was instrumental in orchestrating protests outside a Birmingham school against LGBT lessons.  At the time his protest was backed by Roger Godsiff, the Labour MP for Birmingham Hall Green, a move that ultimately led to Godsiff being deselected.

In response to the Batley incident, Labour suggested that George Galloway was behind it.  They accused their former MP of standing on the opposite side of the road and laughing during the episode.  Leadbeater said a statement: "We were out campaigning outside one of the local mosques and then suddenly there was a big group of mainly men, I would say, who started shouting at me in the street, trying to say they were asking me questions, but they certainly weren’t giving me a chance to answer any questions, some of them not local.  George Galloway was at the other side of the street laughing, and I was extremely intimidated".

Labour leader Keir Starmer also pointed the finger at Galloway: "The abuse Kim Leadbeater has faced is disgraceful.  George Galloway’s poisonous politics have no place in our country".  We can't find any links between the two men and Galloway has since tweeted that the man is an 'extremist' and 'provocateur'.

Afsar clearly fancies himself as a figurehead for something, but he is yet to establish any political group or platform that provides Muslims with an alternative to Labour.  In two years he has amassed just 400 followers on Twitter.  Lame.


Public outrage over Matt Hancock's shenanigans could derail the Tory victory push in Batley and Spen, but it appears that the Health Secretary has been receiving some subtle support from one tech giant.  It has been noted that one of the hashtags used on Twitter to call for his head has been deliberately suppressed.  When users search for the hash #SackHancock, the search turns up 'no results'.

This is simply not possible without Twitter's intervention.  There are countless examples of the term being used across Twitter.

Even the most famous use of the hashtag fails to show up in Twitter's search engine.

Why on earth would a left-wing site assist Hancock in this way?  Firstly we must accept that Hancock, like Johnson and many others on the front benches, are conservatives in name only.  There is literally nothing they have done in the last 15 months that resembles anything remotely conservative.  From trampling on our liberty to picking up thousands of boat migrants on our southern shores, they are simply phonies.  They do not register as a threat in the same way that real conservatives do.

We can all recall how Twitter (and Facebook) concealed the New York Post story about Hunter Biden, and its persistent haranguing of President Trump in his final year of office, culminating in the deletion of his account and many of his followers.  Trump was against the establishment - Biden, Johnson and Hancock are the establishment.

We should also remember that the tech giants have all supported lockdowns across the West throughout the pandemic.  Coming from a leftist position, such support is completely natural.  From face coverings to curfews, they have never shied away from reminding users of such restrictions.  And if you so much as mention the word 'vaccine', your post will immediately be subject to a fact check.  It's all very sinister, but this is the world of social control they endorse - and it's the world that Matt Hancock has revelled in, while consistently ignoring the same rules he has dictated for the rest of us.

Sack Hancock.

Friday 25 June 2021


An open air debate banned by Kirklees Council went ahead anyway on Thursday thanks to the defiance of its organisers.  The debate in Batley's marketplace had been billed as a 'free speech rally' by Reclaim Party leader Laurence Fox.  The chief topic for discussion was the ongoing fallout from the Muhammad cartoon incident at Batley Grammar School - the teacher involved is still in hiding from Muslim fanatics three months on.  A spokesman for Labour-run Kirklees Council said their ban on the rally was on the grounds of 'public safety':

"The council welcomes healthy debate and respects freedom of speech.  We also have a responsibility to make sure all events we permit on our land are safe, well organised and take into account potential disruption to local residents and businesses.  That’s why we ask organisers - in advance of an event - to provide details of their plans, how they have assessed potential risks and how we can work together to make sure their event goes smoothly for everyone.  This is a common sense approach and is standard practice across local authorities.  In this case, the event organisers have not requested permission for the use of the council’s land.  In the absence of assurances on public safety and legal compliance with Covid requirements or the impact on residents and businesses, council staff had no choice but to notify the organiser that they did not have permission to use the council’s assets".

Fox called the decision an 'affront to democracy' and went ahead as planned.  Also speaking at the rally was the popular local independent candidate Paul Halloran, who has indicated that he would stand as a Reclaim candidate in future.  Neither Halloran or Reclaim are standing in next week's by-election, but George Galloway is - much to the dismay of his former party.  Galloway addressed the rally and had some damning analysis of Labour, outgoing Batley MP Tracy Brabin and identity politics.

In a separate interview, Galloway went further: "Labour is going out in a puff of wokery.  Its trans-mania infatuation has turned off millions.  The visceral dislike of Labour on white English working-class estates is palpable.  People have concluded Labour doesn’t like them - and they heartily reciprocate".  Ironically it's the Muslim vote that Galloway is reportedly mopping up in Batley and Spen, dividing what had previously been a block Labour vote and almost certainly delivering the seat to the Tories in the process.

Both the Labour and Conservative candidates ignored an invitation to attend the debate, something Fox alluded to on Twitter.

The rally was attended by around 200 locals and heard from Fox, Halloran, Galloway, Martin Daubney (ex-Brexit Party MEP) and candidates from the SDP and Monster Raving Loony Party.  Labour's absence and their council's attempt to halt the event will have done the party no favours in Batley.  And say what you like about Galloway, but he is a man who defies the contemporary cancel crybabies of the left and will share a platform with anyone - including his political opponents.  This is called being a grown up!

Galloway addresses the small crowd in Batley's marketplace

The full rally can be seen here.


Owen Jones was forced into an embarrassing apology earlier this week after stating that he wanted Labour to lose the forthcoming Batley and Spen by-election.  The wee lad was involved in one of his regular Twitter spats during which his opponent asked whether he would prefer it if Labour failed to hold the seat.  "Yes!" came the emphatic reply.

The cyber antics began when Charliethered accused Little Owen of being a 'Tory by proxy'.  The following morning Jones deleted his response to the Batley question and tweeted the following retraction.

Unfortunately for Owen, the screen capture of his 'Yes!' response had already done the rounds.


Reform UK are to screen Saturday's anti-lockdown protest via its social media platforms.  Billed as the march the 'MSM won't be showing', there has been a major development since the last major freedom march - we now have GB News.  It remains to be seen whether the new station will have any bearing on the wider media narrative, but at least there is now a news channel that is prepared to accept that these huge protests are taking place.

The Reform UK broadcast can be seen on Facebook and YouTube.  Contributors will include the usual Reform suspects such as Tice and Bull - Tice is planning to broadcast from a helicopter flying overhead - plus TalkRadio's Julia Hartley-Brewer and Reclaim's Calvin Robinson and Martin Daubney.  We assume Daubney is now with Reclaim, seeing as he is seldom seen more than a few feet from Laurence Fox these days.

Telegraph cartoonist Bob Moran will also be among the thousands of marchers on Saturday.  He is currently on an extended break from the newspaper, although it is not clear whether this has been forced upon him or whether he will return.  Judging from his most recent art it's clear to see that he is not going down without a fight.

You can follow Bob on Twitter.

Thursday 24 June 2021


GB News is going great guns despite ongoing technical glitches and the hysterical 'Stop Funding Hate' campaign to starve it of advertising revenue.  Andrew Neil's evening show is doing particularly well in the ratings, drawing more viewers than both BBC News and Sky News.  The 'Woke Watch' section of his show is a delight, featuring the exceptionally talented and intelligent Andrew Doyle.  Doyle is himself of the left, but is a critic of the modern left's obsession with all things woke, in particular the divisive poison of identity politics.  On Wednesday he discussed attempts to import Marxist critical race theory into British schools.  Watch below.

Doyle hosts his own show on GB News on Saturday afternoons - Free Speech Nation - airing between 16:00 and 18:00.

Wednesday 23 June 2021


In 2016 Bin The Labour Party was still relatively young, but it was an incredibly momentous year and our pro-Leave Brexit stance was crucial to our growth which, at that time, was limited to Facebook.  Karl has looked back over some of the memes around that time and rejigged a few to our current standards.  The following memes were all, to the best of our knowledge, BTLP originals from between 2016 and 2018.

Pre-23 June 2016

23 June 2016

Post-23 June 2016