Tuesday 8 June 2021


Despite Wales doing so much better than England in terms of infections, hospitalisations and deaths, not surprisingly its socialist government is not keen on relinquishing the totalitarian measures it has accumulated.  Speaking to LBC Radio's Peter Gillibrand on Monday, Mark Drakeford said he had no plans for a 'freedom day' like the June 21 date promised by the Johnson government in England.  The First Minister said Wales would continue to restore freedoms in a 'step by step' process.  However, no-one beyond the Welsh government knows what that process is or when, if ever, pre-Covid liberties will be restored in full.

Gillibrand phrased his question around the fact that coronavirus is still in retreat in Wales.  There have been zero Covid deaths recorded in Wales for 13 days, a record for Wales and only beaten elsewhere by the 16 day stretch enjoyed by Northern Ireland last September.  Hospitalisations are also down more than 70 per cent, compared to -0.3 per cent for the UK as a whole.

Click below for the exchange between Gillibrand and Drakeford.