Tuesday 29 June 2021


The appointment of Sajid Javid changes everything, apparently.  Unfortunately, that is according to a mainstream media that has lied throughout this pandemic.  While the early sentiment expressed by him is world's away from the despotic Hancock, there is little evidence to back up media claims that he is a bona fide lockdown sceptic.  Firstly, he has never been a member of the backbench Covid Recovery Group of anti-lockdown MPs and has always supported the government on Covid restrictions.  Secondly, all of the soundbites attributed to him on Monday are worthless as we have heard it all before - time and time again.  The UK government is the epitome of the boy who cried wolf.  Whether it's Christmas, Easter, summer or June 21, we have learned that when they dangle the carrot of liberty before our eyes it is a lie.

When Javid says there is 'no reason to go beyond July 19' he's not wrong, but Johnson made exactly the same noises up to a week before June 21.  If there is no reason for a July 19 delay, what exactly are the reasons why this can't end tomorrow?  Why didn't it end on June 21?  Why didn't it end months ago when the at risk groups were vaccinated, as had previously been indicated by Hancock?

The truth is that this won't end unless we make it happen ourselves.  The huge march in London on Saturday will have sent a message, but it was only the latest march in a series of mass rallies this year.  It is not enough.  We need to unmask now, businesses need to open up and restrictions must be abolished en masse.  If we as a people truly yearn for our freedom then we would reclaim it, and there is little that the authorities could do to stop us.  If every nightclub reopened and thousands of youngsters piled in on Friday night, the police would not be able to control that situation, especially if on the same night every pub and restaurant announced that they were to abolish restrictions on their premises.  We can do this - if we really want it.

NOTE:  This is an endorsement of the message, not the party.  BTLP remains non-partisan, as always.