Monday 21 June 2021


Today was supposed to be 'Freedom Day', but as we predicted countless times it was never going to happen.  Likewise, restrictions will continue throughout and beyond July, too.  Freedom Day is a myth, a carrot dangled indefinitely in front of the British people.  "It's just a few more weeks" bemoaned one Facebook user in response to the latest extension, as if the nightmare would really be over next month - despite all that has happened in the last 15 months to suggest otherwise.

This will not end.  SAGE extremists who are advising this wretched fake Conservative government have said so repeatedly.  Therefore, it is time to take unilateral action ourselves.  We have it in our power to end this - there are 70 million of us and just a few hundred politicians who have seized our liberty.  One very prominent and visual way in which we can defy them is to throw away our face masks.  If just half the population did this then the mask rule would disappear very quickly.

Do it today and remember - if you are challenged then simply respond that you are exempt.  The challenger has no right to ask for any paperwork or as to what reason you are exempt.  In your own mind your exemption is because you long for freedom.

As the above meme suggests, you can make your own protest directly to the politician ultimately responsible for the never-ending lockdown in your area.

Post your masks to one or more of the following:

Prime Minister Boris Johnson
10 Downing Street

Nicola Sturgeon First Minister
St Andrew's House
Regent Road

Mark Drakeford First Minister
Welsh Government
Ty Hywel
Cardiff Bay
CF99 1NA