Thursday 24 June 2021


GB News is going great guns despite ongoing technical glitches and the hysterical 'Stop Funding Hate' campaign to starve it of advertising revenue.  Andrew Neil's evening show is doing particularly well in the ratings, drawing more viewers than both BBC News and Sky News.  The 'Woke Watch' section of his show is a delight, featuring the exceptionally talented and intelligent Andrew Doyle.  Doyle is himself of the left, but is a critic of the modern left's obsession with all things woke, in particular the divisive poison of identity politics.  On Wednesday he discussed attempts to import Marxist critical race theory into British schools.  Watch below.

Doyle hosts his own show on GB News on Saturday afternoons - Free Speech Nation - airing between 16:00 and 18:00.

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  1. Thanks Andrew. Very helpful in understanding some aspects of "modern" educational trends to undermine our history and put in place a narrative which is deliberately devisive, being designed to promulgate hate between races from an early age. "Racist" or what?