Saturday 26 June 2021


Public outrage over Matt Hancock's shenanigans could derail the Tory victory push in Batley and Spen, but it appears that the Health Secretary has been receiving some subtle support from one tech giant.  It has been noted that one of the hashtags used on Twitter to call for his head has been deliberately suppressed.  When users search for the hash #SackHancock, the search turns up 'no results'.

This is simply not possible without Twitter's intervention.  There are countless examples of the term being used across Twitter.

Even the most famous use of the hashtag fails to show up in Twitter's search engine.

Why on earth would a left-wing site assist Hancock in this way?  Firstly we must accept that Hancock, like Johnson and many others on the front benches, are conservatives in name only.  There is literally nothing they have done in the last 15 months that resembles anything remotely conservative.  From trampling on our liberty to picking up thousands of boat migrants on our southern shores, they are simply phonies.  They do not register as a threat in the same way that real conservatives do.

We can all recall how Twitter (and Facebook) concealed the New York Post story about Hunter Biden, and its persistent haranguing of President Trump in his final year of office, culminating in the deletion of his account and many of his followers.  Trump was against the establishment - Biden, Johnson and Hancock are the establishment.

We should also remember that the tech giants have all supported lockdowns across the West throughout the pandemic.  Coming from a leftist position, such support is completely natural.  From face coverings to curfews, they have never shied away from reminding users of such restrictions.  And if you so much as mention the word 'vaccine', your post will immediately be subject to a fact check.  It's all very sinister, but this is the world of social control they endorse - and it's the world that Matt Hancock has revelled in, while consistently ignoring the same rules he has dictated for the rest of us.

Sack Hancock.