Wednesday 30 June 2021


24 hours prior to last Saturday's huge anti-lockdown protest in London, a smaller group of protesters targeted the constituency office of the member for Holborn and St Pancras.  Sir Keir wasn't in, as one of the protesters explained to Resistance GB, but this determined bunch said they would protest outside his office every Friday afternoon and encouraged others to do the same outside their local MPs' offices too.  The absence of MPs would be 'weaponised' and their part in the never-ending lockdown would be explained to their constituents, many of whom still rely on mainstream media as a source of information.

The censored word in the video is 'vaccine'.  YouTube does not allow criticism of Covid vaccines, no matter how many people are killed by them.  Please do give Resistance GB a like and a follow, they are on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Gab and Instagram.