Tuesday 1 June 2021


Champagne socialist Nick Hewer has been called out by conservative commentator Dominique Samuels on Good Morning Britain.  On Tuesday morning the pair went head to head in an absurd debate about whether the vaccinated should 'unfriend' the unvaccinated.  TV host Hewer was very much in the 'unfriend' corner and his stance was backed by co-presenter Adil Ray who said that he would put his vaccinated friends first when it came to events such as dinner parties.  Ray's stance led to a bad-tempered exchange with Samuels and the footage has since been removed from GMB's YouTube channel.

Click below for a brief clip of Dominique calling out Hewer's 'middle class snobbery'.

Hewer was a Labour voter up until the last general election.  Abuse directed at his Countdown colleague Rachel Riley led to him turning his back on the party, but Tuesday's interview showed that he has not ditched his controlling socialist ways.

Dominique handled herself well during the debate and Hewer came off looking like the sneering lockdown enthusiast that he is.  She went on to tell Ray it was 'none of his business' after he asked her if she was going to take the vaccine:  "I don't think it's any of your business.  I think it distorts the conversation around separating the unvaccinated from the vaccinated, as if the unvaccinated are some kind of diseased pariah.  The message should be that the vulnerable are protected".  Here here, and the vulnerable have already been jabbed twice to give them that protection.  Aged 22 and healthy, Dominique doesn't need a vaccine.

GMB's narrative was tested on their Twitter account prior to the debate.  Their poll attracted more than 37,000 votes, but unfortunately for GMB, the result did not go the way they had intended...