Friday 11 June 2021


Comparisons between communist regimes and our so-called 'Conservative' government are not far from the mark these days.  How many Tory voters out there are aware that a signed up member of the Communist Party of Britain is advising their government on 'behavioural compliance'?  Lockdown enthusiasts will naturally assume this is a 'conspiracy theory' - their go to safe space when faced with an awkward truth - but Susan Michie is far from fictitious.

Michie appeared on Channel 5 News earlier this week and suggested that current restrictions such as social distancing and face masks were required 'long-term'.  Asked how long that meant she responded: "I think forever".  Watch the chilling clip below.

With June 21 reportedly abandoned in favour of a four week delay, it appears as if Michie may get her way.  Why?  Well, it's going to merely be a four week delay is it?  We've been here before.  Deaths generally lag four weeks behind infections and with the UK's inexplicable rise in cases (at odds with literally every other country in the world), there may well be a rise in deaths next month.  That will probably lead to calls for more restrictions - yes, going backwards - and before we know it will be autumn and we'll be back to square one.

Hold on a minute - weren't the vaccines meant to prevent all this?  Well, so we were told.  However, today a report by Public Health England admitted that of 42 recent Covid deaths, 12 were of people who had received both jabs.  A further seven had received one jab.  While the report says that most deaths and hospitalisations are of unvaccinated individuals, that statistic of 12 fully vaccinated people is deeply troubling.  It represents almost 29 per cent of those deaths and brings into question the effectiveness of what we were told were 90 per cent effective vaccines.

Something is not right, but one thing is for certain - lockdown restrictions are not the answer.  Communism is not the answer.  The British people have been lame and they've been tame, but they will tire of this.  At some point, hopefully, maybe, eventually.