Monday 28 February 2022


"I don't know what's happening in Ukraine" is a bold admission as the Coast Guy embarks on his latest GB News monologue - on Ukraine.  "Truth is rarer than gold" he declares and notes a total lack of trust surrounding the war, from the mainstream media to the leaders of both Russia and the West.  He goes on to question the nature of our own democracies and the sinister direction in which they appear to be heading.

From critical race theory to Trudeau's tyranny, the West's double standards are shocking and Neil eviscerates them one by one...

Sunday 27 February 2022


20.02.22 - Hajo, Cartoon Movement
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Friday 25 February 2022


Six by-elections this week, five of which were Conservative defences.  In a somewhat uneventful night the Tories held all five, albeit with mostly reduced vote shares.  The appearance of new parties in those wards contributed to the decline in their vote, with the exception of Aveland in Lincolnshire.  That seat was not contested at all in 2019 as the Conservative candidate was elected unopposed.

A free-for-all in County Durham was triggered by the death of an independent councillor.  Labour took that seat with some ease, despite a crowded field of newcomers.

St Peter's, Castle Point Borough Council

Con: 502 (44.9%) -30.3%
Ind: 439 (39.2%) New
Lab: 178 (15.9%) -8.9%


Ferryhill, Durham County Council

Lab: 876 (41.3%) +6.4%
Ind: 528 (24.9%) New
Con: 348 (16.4%) -11.9%
Ind: 166 (7.8%) New
Grn: 165 (7.8%) New
Freedom: 28 (1.3%) New
LDem: 9 (0.4%) New

Lab GAIN from Ind

Colsterworth Rural, Lincolnshire County Council

Con: 986 (59.6%) -17.1%
LDem: 277 (16.8%) New
Lab: 269 (16.3%) -6.9%
Grn: 121 (7.3%) New


Wickham Bishops & Woodham, Maldon District Council

Con: 361 (54.0%) -10.6%
Ind: 161 (24.1%) +3.0%
LDem: 80 (12.0%) New
Lab: 66 (9.9%) -4.4%


Aveland, South Kesteven District Council

Con: 373 (72.4%)
Lab: 142 (27.6%)


Isaac Newton, South Kesteven District Council

Con: 412 (51.8%) -23.5%
Ind: 165 (20.7%) New
Lab: 147 (18.5%) -6.3%
Grn: 72 (9.0%) New



Con = Conservative
Lab = Labour
Grn = Green
Freedom = Freedom Alliance
LDem = Liberal Democrat
Ind = Independents

Monday 21 February 2022


In his latest searing monologue on GB News, Neil Oliver takes aim at big pharma and the governments around the world who have licenced and - in many cases - mandated their highly dubious products.  The ongoing conspiracy to withhold information about the harms that these vaccines are doing means such states are complicit in many thousands of deaths, particularly among young and healthy people who did not require the vaccines in the first place.

Justin Trudeau's ascent to outright tyranny also draws condemnation from our libertarian hero: "Governments ought to fear the power - the righteous power - of their people".  Hear, hear.

Click below for the ten minute piece, but note the subtle cut near the beginning - even GB News has to self-censor its presenters in order to put their videos on social media, that belonging to big tech anyway.


Sadiq Khan has been criticised for face mask hypocrisy - again.  Angry Twitter users shared still images of bare-faced Khan in the crowd of a boxing match over the weekend (see below).  This was despite his supposed commitment to mask mandates and his decree that travellers in London remain muzzled on public transport.

Khan was at the welterweight clash in Manchester as a guest of fighter Amir Khan (no relation).  Amir was obliterated by his opponent Kell Brook (not a girl, despite the name) and the fight was stopped in the sixth round.  The mayor had earlier attended a Liverpool football match as a 'guest', so he presumably did not pay for that either.  Khan is paid almost as much as the Prime Minister, but the Daily Mail reports that he has claimed around £17,000 worth of free tickets for events in the past six months.

Wonder at how many of these events - if any - he bothered to don one of his beloved face masks?

Sunday 20 February 2022


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