Friday 18 February 2022


Johnson and Harri - a pair of leftist clowns

With the ongoing Partygate controversy and mass walkout of his advisors, there was some faint hope that some vestige of conservatism may be rekindled in our hapless Prime Minister.  It was, after-all, a Conservative government that was elected in 2019.  We have not yet seen a conservative government - in fact quite the opposite.

A return to conservative values would surely save his skin, but Johnson appears to be determined to drive his party into the ground and deliver us into the arms of the wooden plank Keir Starmer.  Perhaps a clear statement of that direction was the recent appointment of Guto Harri as his new 'Director of Communications' - a post synonymous with the name of its inaugural holder, Alastair Campbell.  Each Prime Minister from Blair onwards has had a couple of DoCs during their time in office, with the exception of Johnson.  He is on number four already and only halfway through his term.

It's not clear how much input, if any, those previous three advisors had on Johnson's rejection of conservatism, but it is highly unlikely that the woke Harri will revert the trend.  His most recent job was as a presenter on GB News, but that stint was exceptionally short-lived after he bizarrely took the knee live on air in support of BLM.  Harri was suspended following that incident and later quit after he accused the station of 'replicating cancel culture on the far right'.  Having previously been a BBC journalist for almost two decades, that outburst should come as no surprise.

In his new role at Downing Street, Harri has already let his strong anti-Brexit feelings get the better of him.  In his first week he was involved in a Twitter spat with Dominic Cummings and outrageously retweeted criticism of his employer's supporters (see below).

Harri swiftly deleted his retweet, but the cat was out of the bag.  He later announced that he would no longer be tweeting and his Twitter account has been silent for more than a week.

Harri's first week as DoC was nothing short of a disaster.  It was Harri who broadcast the story about the PM singing 'I Will Survive' and in that same interview he described his new employer as 'not a complete clown'.  The latter bit was lampooned by Morten Morland in The Times (see below).

That Harri is still in his job suggests that Johnson has more than a little faith in a man with whom he has worked before.  Harri was a member of Mayor Johnson's team during his first term in office.  However, since leaving that role Harri has not been kind to Johnson in print.  During the Brexit impasse Harri described Johnson as 'sexually incontinent', having picked 'the wrong side' in the referendum and someone who would be 'hugely divisive' as leader.  One thing that Harri did praise was how Johnson had 'appealed to the left' during his time as London mayor.

It doesn't bode well does it?

Furthermore, we now hear that Harri lobbied government on behalf of Huawei - the tech firm reportedly under the control of the CCP.  Where is our country heading if the Prime Minister hires a man who is so far to the left that he accuses GB News of being 'far right'?

Johnson may be abandoning Covid restrictions, but we may still be on course for the social credit project...

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