Monday 21 February 2022


Sadiq Khan has been criticised for face mask hypocrisy - again.  Angry Twitter users shared still images of bare-faced Khan in the crowd of a boxing match over the weekend (see below).  This was despite his supposed commitment to mask mandates and his decree that travellers in London remain muzzled on public transport.

Khan was at the welterweight clash in Manchester as a guest of fighter Amir Khan (no relation).  Amir was obliterated by his opponent Kell Brook (not a girl, despite the name) and the fight was stopped in the sixth round.  The mayor had earlier attended a Liverpool football match as a 'guest', so he presumably did not pay for that either.  Khan is paid almost as much as the Prime Minister, but the Daily Mail reports that he has claimed around £17,000 worth of free tickets for events in the past six months.

Wonder at how many of these events - if any - he bothered to don one of his beloved face masks?