Friday 18 February 2022


When newsreader Huw Edwards announced on Twitter that he had been suffering from Covid (despite having had three jabs), former Labour MP Ann Clwyd dropped the absurd bombshell that she had already had four jabs!  It's not clear how Ann managed to squeeze in a fourth jab in the space of a year or why, but she's taking no chances and will presumably be going for number five before the daffodils have drooped.

Both Edwards and Clwyd are symptomatic of the mass psychosis that still blights large sections of our society - primarily the middle class, Remain voters and lefties, groups which are by no means mutually exclusive.  Edwards mused how things might have been 'without the three jabs for protection'.  Well, considering the fact that none of those three jabs prevented him from catching Covid and falling ill, quite possibly no difference at all.  He's only 60 for goodness sake.  The average age of hospitalisation and death is greater than average life expectancy.

If only our paid off scientists, TV doctors and politicians had promoted vitamin D supplements during the winter months - instead of spending billions on fear propaganda, quarterly jabs, free test kits and the NHS app - tens of thousands would surely have been saved.

That's not likely to wash with Ann Clwyd, whose party supported every destructive measure that our wretched governments imposed.  She knows what's best for people.  She was one of the Labour MPs who voted against the triggering of Article 50 in 2017, despite the fact her Cynon Valley constituents voted Leave by a 57 per cent margin.  She also backed the invasion of Iraq in 2003 and was unrepentant as recently as 2016.

Despite being such a reprehensible character, Clwyd will retain the title 'Right Honourable' until her death.  This is due to her appointment to the Privy Council in 2004.

No wonder Ann is so keen to take up a quarterly jab - or even monthly.  As part of the establishment she's doing her bit to justify the government's vaccine procurements - reportedly enough to jab every single adult in the UK nine times over.  The fact that she's a 'socialist' enriching big pharma billionaires is just one of those quirks of a pandemic that appears to have overwhelmingly duped the left, perhaps in keeping with a natural desire to offload individual autonomy to the big state.

And at her age, myocarditis is not so much of a concern.